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Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs announced yesterday that the team will be unveiling a new road alternate jersey for the 2014 season, the jersey apparently will be released to the public next week.

It has been described as grey, similar to the 1920s road Cubs uniforms which simply read “CUBS” across the front of the jersey in straight serifed block lettering, as seen in the photo below:

Oscar Dugey 1922 Chicago Cubs Uniform

Oscar Dugey in 1922, the new Cubs alternate uniform has a similar wordmark to this

Of course, SportsLogos.Net has learned a few additional details on the new uniform…

◊ As mentioned earlier they are grey, and they will have “CUBS” across the front in straight letters
◊ The font is identical to the one shown in the 1922 photograph above
◊ The CUBS lettering is blue with a thin white outline
◊ The players number will appear on the players lower left, under the “BS” part of the jersey lettering
◊ Players number is red with a white outline, numbers are block NOT rounded like current road numbers
◊ Blue piping runs down either side of buttons around the collar and up around the back of the neck
◊ The “walking cub” logo on the red “C” is on the sleeve just like the normal road uniform
◊ There is blue and white piping near the cuff of each arm sleeve

To make it easier to visualize, it reminds me a lot of the early 1990s Cubs road uniform, except it reads “CUBS” instead of “CHICAGO” across the front:

Chuck McElroy 1990 Chicago Cubs Road Uniform

Kinda like this, but with “CUBS” across the front, piping, and traditional block numbering

I’m not sure the reasons for adding this new uniform to the rotation, I think the Cubs current road uniform is great – despite the fact they hardly wore it in the second half of the 2013 season. Seems very unnecessary for this to be an alternate, why not just make this the new road?

In addition to the new road alternate the Cubs will we wearing the Wrigley Field 100th anniversary patch all season on their jerseys and caps for each home game:

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field 100 Patch 2014

A Photoshop mockup of the Wrigley Field 100th anniversary patch on Cubs jersey and cap

There’s also plans for ten (TEN!) different throwback games, one for each decade the Cubs called Wrigley Field home beginning with the 1910s and going right up to the 2000s (not sure what kind of “throwback” the Cubs could wear for that one). These games will be held on Sundays and reportedly the visiting team will also be wearing throwbacks for each game. I’ve also read that these throwback Sundays will all be back-to-back-to-back-to… etc.

The complete schedule of Sunday home games in 2014 is below with a guess as to the schedule of throwbacks:

Sunday, April 6 vs Philadelphia Phillies (1910s?)
Sunday, April 20 vs Cincinnati Reds (1920?)
Sunday, May 4 vs St Louis Cardinals (1930s?)
Sunday, May 18 vs Milwaukee Brewers (1940s minor league Brewers?)
Sunday, June 8 vs Miami Marlins (1950s minor league Marlins?)
Sunday, June 22 vs Pittsburgh Pirates (1960s?)
Sunday, June 29 vs Washington Nationals (1970s Senators? Expos?!?)
Sunday, July 13 vs Atlanta Braves (1980s?)
Sunday, July 27 vs St Louis Cardinals (1990s?)
Sunday, August 10 vs Tampa Bay Rays (2000s?)
Sunday, August 24 vs Baltimore Orioles
Sunday, September 7 vs Pittsburgh Pirates
Sunday, September 21 vs Los Angeles Dodgers

All of these throwbacks are just guesses but from what we’ve seen ten of those games above will be throwback games, if you’re a fan of any of these teams… throwback alert!

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  • Martin

    Man, that sounds interesting. I´m excited about this new jersey.

    • Martin

      But i believe that the blue piping will ruin the look.

  • Joe

    This sounds awesome, can’t wait to see the alternate and especially all of the visiting teams throwbacks!

  • Ok now what

    New unis or old another last place finish coming up

  • Aaron

    Weren’t they supposed to get new road uniforms or something. Interesting idea for a new road alternate though.

  • Hank

    I made these mock-ups a few months ago to demonstrate what I hoped the Cubs uniforms looked like in the future if they ever got around to doing a refresh.


    Let me know what you think!

    • KTemp

      Hank, I really like the home version. It’s simple and clean and kind of reminds me of Boston’s look. I like the emphasis of the blue and red as an accent.

    • Aaron

      The home version of your renderings could be an alternate home jersey. The road version is fine, but lose the red line. Limit it to the accent colours.


    Someone with some talent should throw together a rendering based on the facts and add it to this article!

  • tim

    What happened to new jerseys! The road greys suck bad! Its a horrible jersey!

  • phil

    Nope it’s going to suck

  • Max


  • Fresh

    I participated in a focus group this past March where the Cubs showed off not only the jerseys shown above, but entirely new ideas for logos and all jerseys. Possible shift to navy from “Cubbie Blue”, jersey font changing to match Wrigley marquee, etc. I like the change and hope more jerseys roll out.

    • Aaron

      Even though the Dodgers have darkened their blue slightly, it’s still considered Dodger blue. I’m pretty sure if the Cubs do the same, it could still look like Cubbie Blue.

    • KTemp

      I would love to see a shift to a slightly darker blue. I’d like to see some modernized versions of some of the historic logos come back too. Especially the 1914 cub holding a bat.

  • Sean v

    Seems like the Dodgers could have the option of doing a Brooklyn throwback. Could be awesome!

  • ingmar66

    This should be interesting. But I am not sure about the piping. We’ll wait and see. As for the throwback games, that should be really fascinating: what will the other teams come up with?

  • Bob C

    Sunday, June 29 vs Washington Nationals (1970s Senators? Expos?!?)

    Forget the Expos!

  • Kristen

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  • I have a feeling that the Rays would use those green, blue and black uniforms. I don’t anticipate seeing the gradient, purple and black show up that day.

  • Discrimihater

    I was looking forward to the current roads being dumped, as I’ve never liked the current Chicago lettering, but looks like that’s sticking around for now. In any event, here’s to hoping they don’t screw up the throwbacks this time (the only other home throwback in Cubs history included a navy cap where it should’ve been royal blue). And even though it was used a couple years before the Cubs moved into Wrigley, here’s to hoping for the 1914 uniform and the bear & bat cap.