IceCaps New Alternate Started As Fan Concept

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St Johns IceCaps

The St. John’s IceCaps, AHL farm team of the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets, unveiled their new alternate uniform prior to their game yesterday evening. The IceCaps immediately took to the ice wearing the new look and will do so again today.

The new jersey is predominantly blue, like the IceCaps existing road uniform, but features a new logo on the chest as well as new shoulder striping. Typically St. John’s wears a direct copy of the Winnipeg Jets home and away uniforms.

St Johns IceCaps New Alternate Uniform 2013-14

It was a design from a fan which led to the new look, local artist Troy Birmingham actually presented his idea to the team two years ago after the IceCaps relocated to St. John’s from Winnipeg. Giving hope to any fan who has a concept design and a dream of one day seeing a pro team wearing it in a game.

Front-and-centre on the chest is a bold new logo, it’s most eye-drawing element is the castle tower behind the team name. That tower is Cabot Tower, located at the highest peak in St. John’s.

“The primary logo was meant to represent the province as a whole, so for the third jersey I wanted a logo that was a bit more specific to the city, that’s why I used Cabot Tower.” – explained Birmingham

Newfoundland Labrador Map St Johns IceCaps Jersey

A map of Newfoundland and Labrador is in the shading of the iceberg

An iceberg is shown in front of the tower, within the shading of the iceberg is an outline of the Newfoundland and Labrador map. In the front of the logo “IceCaps” is shown in all caps, diagonally, with a silver-to-white colour transition.

“The font was meant to represent ice-grey gradient, power and motion and I included a stylized iceberg. I included the small outline of Newfoundland and Labrador to tie the alternate logo to the primary logo and have a connection with the original logo.” – Birmingham

Silver, while seen only on the primary logo on the regular home and road uniforms, is given a much more prominent role on the alternate uniform. Both shoulders are silver with white trim as well there are silver stripes around the waist of the jersey and on the sleeves.

St Johns Ice Caps New Alternate

In addition to the map in the shading on the iceberg, the province is further represented by way of the provincial flag worn on the left shoulder, a Jets logo is worn on the other side. Name and number font remains the same as the home and roads.

“We will always consider ourselves a provincial team but this definitely has a St. John’s feel to it. Players love it and I’m sure it will be quite popular with our fans.” — Danny Williams, President of St. John’s IceCaps

Considering that this was a jersey design given to the team directly by a local artist, I wouldn’t expect this to be a sign-of-things-to-come for a potential Winnipeg Jets alternate uniform, which we’re all expecting to see on the ice next season.

The IceCaps will be wearing this jersey several times throughout the season, the full schedule has not been finalized but they will be worn at least six times. Following yesterday and today’s games they will be worn again on December 6th and 7th, and then again for February 8th and 9th.

You can order the new IceCaps alternate jersey from their official website here.

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  • Vaytch

    That’s how all alternates should be ! A real beauty !

  • gueman

    Seems like they got the angle/orientation of Labrador wrong.

    • rafterman

      i doubt any of the five people who live there will notice


    the striping on the sleeves and bottom look like the Navy Hartford jersey minus the green

  • ingmar66

    A very decent job this uniform, nice colours and nice striping! I am not impressed by this logo, however. The castle reminds me of something out of Ice Station Zebra by Alistair MacLean. Or a WWII prison: Cold Ditz! Stalag Eis! The lettering would have been decent without the garish gradient.

    • Andy

      The “castle” reminds Newfoundlanders, who will be buying the sweaters, of the Cabot Tower because that is clearly what it is. In case anyone thinks that the site is merely of local interest, it is the place where Guglielmo Marconi received the first trans-Atlantic wireless message in 1901, one of the key achievements in the history of global communications. I think it’s a pretty nice sweater design and the logo will be popular.

      • ingmar66

        Which explains the antennae. Thanks for enlightening an ignorant from outside the area!

  • Fiedman

    now this is a real home run of a third jersey. Maybe Nike should take notes on how jerseys are SUPPOSED to look

  • Aaron

    Now it’s time for the Jets to model their alternates or regular jerseys after these. Great job.


    This is an absolute STUNNER!! Then again I’m a sucker for logos that incorporate the local landscape or a land mark (Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Wild, Seattle Sounders). This logo does both! I agree that the orientation for Labrador is a little off, but I think correcting it would ruin the overall look of the glacier, thus looking even more misoriented, if you will. The rendering of Cabot Tower really screams “St. John’s”, and is rendered briliantly! The use of silver in the shoulders and the classic striping at the bottom really compliment the modern atlernate logo very well! Finally a reason to not completely hate all of the AHL’s Eastern Conference teams!!

    • Aaron

      I like that teams incorporate the skylines in their logo too . I’m pretty sure if and when the Seattle Supersonics return to the NBA, they might do the same thing ala Shawn Kemp, Jack Sikma eras.

  • Kristen

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