Mets Unveil New Camo Jersey, Will Wear 5 Times in 2014

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Mets Camo 2014

If you thought the camouflage jersey fad had peaked this past weekend you’re very wrong.

The New York Mets today unveiled their new camouflage jersey which will be officially included into their uniform rotation (listed as an alternate) for the 2014 season. The Mets will be wearing the jersey for every Monday night home game in 2014 as part of their “Military Mondays” promotion.

The new jersey is green with a camouflage pattern and “Mets” across the chest in blue and orange, players number to the lower left in a similar style. An American flag is on the left sleeve.

Although the team has not yet announced this, I’ve been told that the Mets will also be wearing a matching camouflage cap with this jersey. The cap has the classic “NY” logo in blue (not orange, like usual) on a camouflage crown with matching bill.

New York Mets Camouflage Jersey 2014

As part of their promotion the Mets will extend complimentary admission to all active and retired military personnel and up to three guests for these games, they will also receive 10% off any retail purchases.

The New York Mets become the third Major League team to add a patriotic uniform to their official rotation – the San Diego Padres have been wearing camo for several years now; the Washington Nationals wear a uniform with a stars-and-stripes version of their logo. The Pittsburgh Pirates usually wear a camouflage uniform a couple of times per season however this is not an official part of their rotation, and of course every MLB team wore a special uniform with camo caps and jersey scripts on Memorial Day in 2013.

The complete schedule of New York Mets camouflage jersey games is below:

Monday, April 21 vs St Louis Cardinals
Monday, July 7 vs Atlanta Braves
Monday, July 28 vs Philadelphia Phillies
Monday, September 8 vs Colorado Rockies
Monday, September 15 vs Miami Marlins

SportsLogos.Net has learned that two more teams (in addition to the Mets) will be unveiling patriotic uniforms for 2014, one will be another camouflage and the other a stars-and-stripes design like the Nationals. There’s no word on when these two teams plan on unveiling these uniforms.

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  • Wayne

    Despite being obviously biased with the Mets being my favorite team 5/162 isn’t bad, & they are doing it for a good cause. I do wish they made the orange Los Mets a regular Mets jersey and put it in the rotation.

  • Alex

    Everyone hates on the Padres camos but this is way worse

  • Kaiser The Great

    Man, David Wright is looking tired these days!

  • Ryan

    I heard a rumor that the Yankees would do something like this.

  • Big McLargehuge

    You can do something for a good cause without making it awful…this camo stuff has to stop.

  • 1434

    I want the armed forces to play dress up in Mets uniforms in recognition of all the that the Mets do to keep the armed forces safe.

  • 54321

    Are proceeds going to Armed Forces? And by proceeds, I don’t mean 10% of sales.

    Otherwise, forget it.

    • 54321

      btw… my first thought on the page, why is Ben Stein modeling Mets gear??

      • rafterman

        the mets are going to have a “win ben stein’s jersey” contest

  • ingmar66

    It is good that the Mets offer free tickets to active or retired military men and women, but to honour them by wearing these ridiculous uniforms…I would feel uncomfortable as a military man visiting my favourite Mets and seeing them play in some sort of semi-combat fatigues. Being in the armed services is not a baseball game and vice versa. Honour the military by a special presentation before the game or during the 7th inning stretch, but get rid of these uniforms, Firemen and doctors also protect and save people and we do not expect our sports teams to wear fluorescent firemen jackets or white coats. These camo uniforms, unintentionally but nevertheless, ridicule military uniforms.

    • 54321

      Agreed. Alas, it doesn’t matter what we think.

    • SFforlife

      Well said. I agree. This camo trend needs to stop.

  • Aaron

    Good thing they ‘re not playing the Camo Padres. LOL

  • Steve

    Man….Sgt. Hulka from Stripes sure got fat!

  • SouthstanderRSM

    I am against camo 99 times out 100 and these fall into that 99. I have said it once and I’ll say it again camo should only be worn if you are active duty, a hunter or a 7 year old and under.

    • Aaron

      I’ve mentioned this before, the best way teams can honour the military are either using a Camo ribbon or a military patch bearing the team logo ala Jacksonville Jaguars somewhere on their jersey. The way teams do so now? Survey says… Overkill.

  • Andy

    Oh, wow! I am so…over this trend.

  • Nick

    That is the most Jewish-looking man I have ever seen.

  • Rich

    I can’t even see it!

  • Popular

    I like it.

  • Tom

    That is the Mets PR Director for the past 34 years, the great Jay Horwitz.

    It’s for a good cause and as long as its not worn more than 5 times why not!

  • Crash

    Why does every team go with the tan camo when they do a camo jersey? That’s basically just representing the Army. Mix it up. Teams near areas with a large Air Force presence should wear Air Force type camo and so on. Also, the Navy digi-cam would look better on a bunch of teams and closer match the actual team colors. I always wondered why the Padres, with such a large naval presence in the area, didn’t keep within team colors and wear the Navy camo.

  • jigokusabre


  • Jeremy Cating

    Why do the Mets hate our military so much?!

    • ChunkyOnions

      Honestly, I find it pretty decent.

      Although the text doesn’t fit with the jersey, I feel like it’s alright.
      What I don’t get is why they can’t wear the jersey on Memorial Day, that seems redundant.

      • ChunkyOnions

        Jeremy, I just hope that they don’t do that “donating 10% of the sales to military” crap.
        At least have a little bit more.

  • Hossman

    I just saw on the Mets official page they are selling Mets black jerseys as 2014 authentic alternates,they did this last year and didnt wear them once(I m almost positive) and also sold the black hat which they didnt wear.whats the deal maybe they have a room still full of these and are trying to sell them.I don’t see them fitting them in the rotation again this year because they require black socks,hats and belts …..