Photos of How War Veterans Honoured in Sports This Weekend

Written By:  •  Monday, November 11, 2013

North Bay Battalion Camouflage Jerseys 2013

Today is Veterans Day, or Remembrance Day depending on where you live. Despite the difference in name one thing we all do on this day is take time to remember the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom and still do to this day.

In sports this past weekend many teams honoured war veterans by wearing various uniforms or decals. Some went purely patriotic wearing stars-and-stripes motifs, some replicated the uniforms worn by soldiers by going out in camouflage, and others wore just a  poppy – which is how civilians pay respects to vets in Canada and the UK.

Below is a photo gallery of how several different teams across different sports in North America and the United Kingdom paid their respects. Click any image for a larger version of that photo




Branches of Military


Stars and Stripes





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  • ingmar66

    Haha, the cheerleaders make the boldest fashion statement!

  • Steve

    I like that Camo look for North Bay. It’s fitting for their name.

    • Aaron

      For a team like the Battalion, indeed!

  • Jake

    I wish more teams, especially in Canada, just wore poppies. I just think it would be more respectful in honoring those who served.

    • Rob

      Totally agree.
      The poppies in the BPL look classy.

      • ingmar66

        Could not agree more. The poppies are distinguished and serene.

  • MJWalker45

    NBA had roundels with stars surrounding the NBA logo. There were red and white stripes inside the roundel.

  • Kristen

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  • John Burlie

    That Texas Stars jersey is beautiful!! It should be a permanent alternate.

  • Phil B

    If you looked closely at the Man United v Arsenal match, both clubs had poppies and Arsenal had a small message on their road yellow kits about the date it was used.

  • Jack

    OK, who’s genius idea was it to have three white guys with a “K” [KKK] on their jersey line up for a picture.(See Kingston Frontenacs).

  • Aidan

    What about the bruins?