Durham Bulls to Get New Look in 2014

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Durham Bulls 2013

The Durham Bulls (AAA-Tampa Bay), International League champions of the 2013 season, announced today that the team will be getting a new uniform for next season.

They will be releasing a series of teaser images on their Instagram account, the first of which expected to be posted today at 4pm ET. The full uniform will be unveiled on November 25th.

“2014 will truly be the rebirth of the Durham Bulls brand. From redesigned uniforms to our incredible renovations at the DBAP, [the] #BullsReborn [social media promotion] really sums up the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.” – Bulls General Manager Mike Birling

A look at what’s being replaced…

Durham Bulls Home Uniform 2013

At home, the Durham Bulls currently wear a white jersey with their primary logo in the upper left corner of the chest, blue piping, and a blue number on the right with a cap featuring a white front panel.

Durham Bulls Road Uniform 2013

On the road it’s a navy blue jersey with “BULLS” across the front in white, orange piping down the front and the players number on the lower left in orange and white. A blue cap with an orange bill is worn with this jersey for road games and when it’s used as a home alternate.

There’s no indication the Bulls are changing their primary logo, nor should they ever, it may be one of the most well-known brands in the history of the Minor Leagues… plus it’s right on the front of the 2014 Triple-A All-Star Game logo, it ain’t going anywhere next year.

UPDATE Nov 12/13 – 1:05pm ET:

The Durham Bulls have confirmed to us via a Tweet that they will not be changing their logo, only their uniforms.  This is good news:

Durham Bulls No New Logo Tweet


UPDATE Nov 13/13 8:11am ET: 

The Durham Bulls posted their first teaser image to their Instagram account last night, here it is:

Durham Bulls New Jersey Teaser 2014

UPDATE THE THIRD (Nov 13/13 3:40pm ET):

Another teaser has been released… looks like we’re only getting closeups of the logo or wordmark which appears on the home white jersey:

Durham Bulls Uniform Teaser 2014


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  • Aaron

    If they’re doing minor tweets to the uniforms, fine. At least they’re not changing their logo. The one thing I don’t get. Why don ‘t they use a grey uniform as their main road and just use the blue jerseys as their alternate. In fact, using the D logo as their side jersey logo as mentioned above is really all they need.

  • Scott

    Thank god they aren’t changing the logo. That should go down in the catagory of, “Logos to never ever change”.

    • Aaron

      List of team logos which should never change…

      Durham Bulls
      Buffalo Sabres (ever again)
      Montreal Canadiens
      Detroit Red Wings
      Chicago Blackhawks
      Dallas Cowboys
      Cleveland Indians
      Toronto Blue Jays. (Ever again)
      Green Bay Packers
      New York Islanders ( ever again)
      LA Dodgers
      Oakland Raiders
      Chicago Cubs
      Chicago White Sox
      Calgary Stampeders

      Teams which should never have changed logos (hint, some of these teams are on the previous list)

      Miami Marlins (only the M should’ve replaced the F on the last one)
      Phoenix Suns (same as the original, but not enough purple)
      Vancouver Canucks (either modernize the original as their main or the one from the Pavel Bure era)
      Houston Rockets (especially not right after winning two championships)
      Milwaukee Brewers (the current look is nice and classy, but the MB glove logo, fans associate the Brew Crew with this one more)

      • Luke Dzikiy

        What about the Steelers or Maple Leafs?

        • Aaron

          Them too. But I was just giving some examples. There’s obviously hundreds of teams which fit that trend. But I don’t have time to list all of them. For the record, the Leafs have changed their logo slightly over the years. But still look classy doing so.

  • Aaron

    In fact, while we’re on the topic, here are some teams whose logos could use a change…

    Syracuse Chiefs (not the logo so much, but the uniforms)
    LA Clippers (try using a clipper ship as a logo)
    Winnipeg Blue Bombers (put the bolt and football combo back on the W please)
    OKC Thunder (just change the streaks to thunderbolts)

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    It’s about time!!!

    • Elijah Summerdrum

      Actually, no. The logo needs an update moreso than the jerseys

  • Andrew

    “Teaser images”

    I really wish they would stop doing this. Just show us the damn jerseys.

  • ingmar66

    The uniform could use a little tweaking. It is too generic right now, despite the iconic logo. But please keep the home cap. There are not that many white front panel caps around any more.

    • VTPack

      The White Panel Cap is actually not their home Cap. They used it this year for the first time because it was the 25th Anniversary of Bull Durham. Hopefully they keep it as it has become my favorite of the ones I own (live 5 minutes down the road from the Bulls Stadium)

  • Joshua Meyers

    Thank god they’re keeping the logo!

  • Mike

    I think the logo is looking dated. However I wouldn’t change it. I just think it needs some minor tweaking to look a little fresher, more modern.