NHL Unveils Chrome Team Logos for Stadium Series

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2014 NHL Stadium Series

Okay, so apparently somebody down at NHL HQ said, “we should be more like the NBA”.

The National Hockey League has unveiled the “NHL Chrome Collection”, a series of chrome-treated team logos designed specifically for use during the 2014 Stadium Series. The Stadium Series is the series of outdoor games being held in 2013-14 which aren’t being called the Winter Classic or the Heritage Classic.

Participants in the Stadium Series are the Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, and Pittsburgh Penguins. Each of these teams have had their logo chromified.

All of these teams look to be using their current primary logos for the chrome logos except for the New Jersey Devils who have gone retro by replacing black with green… nice.

“The Chrome logo designs are unique to the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series and inspired from the chrome details on the NHL shield, bringing a [buzzwords redacted] to team identities.” – NHL press release

The league also announced they will be unveiling all of the special team uniforms for these games in the coming weeks. I imagine they’ll be including these new logos in one way or another.

A look at all the chrome team logos below:

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  • Gmac


  • Josh

    Devils one looks awesome

    • Jon

      Just like the good ol’ days!

      • YES! Bring back the green in the Devs logo please.

  • Matt Hoover

    Nothing wrong with these at all.

    • Dougray Bjornhill

      Darn tooten.

  • Morgan

    I don’t see the problem with these either tbh.

  • Yo

    What about the Canucks and sens?

    • Skyler W.

      Heritage Classic isn’t part of the Stadium series.

  • Aidan

    Not sure how these will look at jerseys but they are alright. I would’ve preferred to see something like the Winter Classic, more throwback.

  • I don’t see these being used on the jerseys themselves. And knowing that, there’s nothing wrong with just using them for marketing purposes. The Canadiens have a chrome version of their logo that they’ve used on their scoreboard animations for the past several years.

  • Brett

    hmm, looks like they forgot 70% of the Islanders logo…

  • Evil G

    In the future…everything is chrome

  • Matt Marczel

    The chrome logos will be broadcast graphics use only. Also, I believe the partial ‘NY’ Islanders logo will be featured as the jersey crest on the team’s SS game jerseys.

    I think most if not all Stadium Series jerseys will be unveiled next month before Christmas.

  • Harrison

    The Devils, Kings, and Islanders aren’t using their primary logos. The Islanders primary logo is everything within their circular logo- name and island inclusive. The Kings also don’t use that logo as their primary logo anymore. They now use their logo that looks like a shield.

  • Dick

    That Islanders logo without the island is terrible … but not fisherman terrible.

  • RoFHockeycast

    it’s interesting that the Isles went with a simple “NY” logo here. I think it’s worth mentioning there have been discussions about a new look for the team when they move to Brooklyn, perhaps this is our first look at the new identity.

  • Well then

    – Nike

    • Jack

      pretty much…purty much………

  • sportsherald

    Lapel pins.

  • Jenson Phillips

    Why would you have 3 outdoor games and the winter classic?? It takes away the uniqueness of it.

  • Jack

    What is this? Monday Night Football? Islanders, and Kings look nice, that is about it.

  • Big McLargehuge

    Ugh…why? This is so pointless and bad.

  • DTR

    Not a huge fan of them, but that Devils logo looks great.

  • e

    If these do end up being plastered on jerseys, might as well tell the Flyers to bring their ’02-’07 alternates and have a party!

  • Peter

    If the Winter Classic and Heritage Classic are meant to throwback and look old, I wouldn’t mind for the Stadium Series to look ahead and new.
    Drop the vintage white and shoot for shiny silvers and chrome.
    Just a thought.

  • ingmar66

    Wonder how these will look on jerseys: probably screen printed instead of embroidered (unless a gradient effect is included). I think Islanders fans should get used to this basic stick design, as I suspect it will be their new primary logo. It is the first time that I notice the three tapes on the stick: a nod tot adidas (owners of Reebok)? Will adidas be the future supplier of NHL uniforms? Will they mess it up, as they have done with the NBA? Sleeveless hockey jerseys, just for the fun of it and to counterbalance the sleeved NBA shirts? No, I am getting carried away. The Devils logo looks awesome with the green, keep it that way! And why is Detroit not invited to play in Chicago?

    • ingmar66

      I should be wearing glasses, there are 4 pieces of tape on the Isles stick logo. Forget about my paranoid adidas uniform takeover suspicions. I see the Bavarian taste terrorists around every corner.

      • sportsherald

        As is well known, the four strips of tape on the Islanders stick represent their four Stanley Cup wins.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog

    All of them look cool.

  • Elfren Ordanza

    I would also like to see chromed logos from Ottawa and Vancouver … 😛

  • Nick J

    I think the stadium series is runing the winter classic. Its taking away its integrity. The logos are dope though

  • Lucario

    Why can’t the Pens use yellow for once? Gold is so thirteen years ago.

  • JerseyStrong247

    Lou Lamoriello has announced that the Devils will be wearing the green and red jerseys, the same ones they wore on Saint Patrick’s Day for 3 years, again for the 2014 NHL Stadium Series game on Januray 26th, 2014 at Yankee Stadium versus the New York Rangers.

    Link to article here: