Germany to Wear All-White Kits at World Cup 2014

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The 2014 World Cup Finals are rapidly approaching, which means that it’s time for the nations to unveil new kits for the world’s most watched event. Germany have recently released their kits, and they are a big departure from what they’ve normally worn in the past.


Although the German National Team is no stranger to wearing the country’s colors on their chest (as opposed to a plain white shirt with the DFB’s crest on the chest) there is a bit of a difference as the 3 different shades of red (which apparently represent the 3 World Cups that (West) Germany have won) that form a chevron on across the chest of the shirt is accented by what is either silver or a very flat shade of gold. We’ll let you be the judge.


However, the biggest break from tradition is that Germany will be wearing white shorts with white shirts. Germany’s soccer team has an almost iconic identity of white shirts, black shorts, and white socks. So, it comes as a shock that the Germans have decided to break with tradition, especially on the world’s biggest stage. It also appears that this will be the first time that Germany have worn all-white since the 1974 World Cup, which was one of the 3 World Cups that they won. Surely their supporters must see this as being some sort of good luck charm ahead of next year’s big event.

In fact, it will be such a rare occurrence that if Germany does indeed roll out the all-white kit, the next time will be only the 4th time in the nation’s illustrious history in the World Cup. To put that in perspective, Germany’s next World Cup match will be match #100 in their history at the World Cup. So, to say that this is a break from tradition would be a pretty big understatement.


That being said, the kit is very snazzy and an example of how a team can look modern without looking too tacky. But what are your thoughts? Do you disagree? Does the sight of one of soccer’s blueblood nations breaking from such a storied kit tradition make you want a flip a car? Before you flip your Volkswagen, please let us know how you feel below!


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  • Tom

    Considering what we have seen with Olympic hockey jersey’s and new basketball jerseys I think these are pretty good. It seems like they have some design or stripes on the back of the kit. I would have liked to seen a pick of that. Overall not a bad start to World Cup kits.

  • keith.

    I’ve read in a few places that FIFA is nudging teams towards unifying their shirt and short colors. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s in fact true, and if teams adhere.

  • Xopher

    The German flag is still there, with the uppermost black stripe, middle red stripe (x 3), and bottom gold stripe. It’s most apparent on the socks, but it’s definitely there on the shirts.

  • Doug B.

    I’m disappointed majorly. The best thing about the World Cup kits are how easily recognizable teams are based on their kits. Germany has ALWAYS been white top, black shorts. Spain red top, blue shorts, Brazil yellow top, blue shorts. It’s so easy to know who is playing, and its TRADITION. Nike needs to understand that sometimes things aren’t broken.

    • Bill Weston

      Germany wears Adidas…

      • Dave

        Spain also wears Adidas…

  • Patrick McReary

    What’s with the obsession with monochromes over the past few years (especially 2000-)?

    Come on, Germany have been wearing black shorts for quite literally the past century, and now they’re going to change them? Please, Adidas, don’t mess with tradition. It’s like having Brazil wear an all-yellow kit or having Spain wear an all-red kid, or have Argentina wear blue-striped shorts. Please, no.

    • El_Kaiju

      Bad news, Spain is wearing all red for the Cup. Looks horrible.

      • Xeeize96

        Argentina will also wear white shorts

      • Patrick McReary

        For a brief moment I thought you were sarcastic, but then I actually saw them……

  • ingmar66

    In this case it does not look bad but I am very fearful of the results with Spain, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. Holland and England have regrettably already given in to this monochrome craze by giving up their traditional white (or black) and navy shorts. Does it have something to do with (paying for) watching games on your miniature mobile telephone screens that this monoblock colour scheme is promoted? Or are different colours shirts and shorts getting to be too much work for the already overworked programmers at EA Sports (the FIFA game being the world’s most popular team sports game and big cashcow for FIFA)? Or is there another sinister scenario secretly being worked out between the evil three striped Bavarians and the zombie swoosh sect from Beaverton?

  • Bruce Wayne

    I’m very disappointed in Adidas for this drastic change. Germany has been my team for a long time and while watching other nations give in to this ridiculous ‘modern look’ Germany has always stayed true to the traditional Weiß und Schwarz colors. Now our players are gonna look like bozos in their sailor uniforms. Seriously, I remember the days when the English looked very fashionable in their white/navy/white uniforms, or the Dutch with their orange/black or white/orange, or perhaps most notably the French triple colored blue/white/red designs. Then comes the 21st century and they all give in to ‘modern designs’, every time I see the English team on the pitch I’m disgusted, I mean they look like bakers or cooks running around chasing a football down the pitch. Or the Dutch who look like clowns with their all-orange kits, or even the French who look depressing sporting that dull navy kit, I mean they call themselves Les Bleus for a reason don’t they and not the Navy or Les Marines. Now suddenly Adidas want us to look like clowns too! I have a belief that any team that has won the World Cup should ‘immortalize’ their classic kits, with the exception of Holland who have become typical for their orange/black or white/orange design. It’s perfectly fine to change away kits but never classic home kits like the Nationalmannschaft’s. I am totally fine with the ‘three shades of red’ shirt, but the white shorts need to go. The boys of the Nationalmannschaft look like girls in white dresses wearing them. No offense to all the lovely ladies.

    • england cannot be placed in the same category as the other teams you mention

      first up all white is just as much a traditional colour to us as blue shorts are, because we tend to switch to the whites in more hotter and sunnyer climates/weathers, so because of this tendency we have used them just as much …..and thanks to a simple twist of fate in 1966 we are just as comfortable in our away red kit

      so technically we cant be placed in that category either ….we were wearing red shirts when we won the world cup and our fans will forever associate the red with that moment, but cherish the white home kit at the same time for its traditions and values

      we wouldnt want to change either

    • Sergio

      You hit the spot Bruce, the saddest thing is that Adidas decides to change the uniform and the DFB just shuts up?! this kit makes the players look like pansies, a team favorite to be crowned world champion next year should think about looking better.

  • well im sorry to correct a few of you but all white is MORE traditional for england than white and blue …and to be fair looks a lot cleaner

    it all stems from the england teams original kit based on the national cricket team …..complete with 3 lions crest

    i had similar discussion on true colours website over sheffield wednesday wearing blue shorts this season over their usual black, with the concensus being the same, blue looks cleaner and smarter

    i agree that tradition should not be messed with of course …..but i do like this design for the germans

    • when i say more traditional i mean in the sence that our first kit was with a white set, blue has been used more times as the primary colour but a white set has always been issued and used just as much

      • cos we break them out in hot weather (the last world cup in brazil for example …….and im now starting to wish i could edit my posts into one)

  • ingmar66

    Wednesday and Germany should both wear black shorts. Period.

    • wrong on one counts im afraid sonny jim ….germany its more traditional of course but wednesdays best years (and most memorable kits) have had blue shorts …….not only that but 3 colours gives the kit a more mixed up look

  • Bryan W.

    From a designing point of view, the shirt looks good. I like it. But at the same time, with the white shorts… it doesn’t look right to me. The white shirt, black shorts, white socks look of Germany has always been such a recognizable look, much like Mexico’s green, white and red and Spain’s red, blue and red. While I appreciate the different approach, I really think tradition is not meant to be changed, especially when it comes to international kits.