NBA Unveils Chrome, Sleeved Christmas Jerseys

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NBA Big Logo Christmas 2013

So, when I made that crack the other day about how the NHL’s new “chromified” logos seemed like something the NBA would do

The NBA today officially unveiled their chrome “BIG Logo” sleeved Christmas jerseys for the ten teams playing on December 25th as well as a handful of others. Those ten Christmas Day teams will actually wear these t-shirt jerseys during their games, I’m *guessing* the others are for retail only.

New York Knicks Sleeved Big Color Christmas Jersey 2013

We got our first look at the ‘BIG Color’ jerseys last week when an eBay user accidentally put up a series of “warmup shirts” for sale on the auction site. The listings were quickly deleted after they were confirmed to be the league’s Christmas jerseys for 2013-14.

The “BIG Logo” promotion comes on the heels of last Christmas’ “BIG Color” in which teams wore single colour uniforms head-to-toe including team names and player numbers.

“Last season’s ‘BIG Color’ holiday campaign was an overwhelming success, grabbing the attention of our fans, and we wanted to find a way to top it.” — Jamie Gallo, NBA Executive VP of Marketing

Well, yes, it certainly generated attention, but was it good attention? I guess there’s no such thing as bad publicity…

“We worked closely with adidas to create an innovative new uniform design for our Christmas Day games. The BIG Logo collection will provide a unique look on-court and a variety of products for our fans.” – Sal LaRocca, NBA Executive VP, Global Merchandising

NBA, adidas… Meet me at camera three.

I really am all for trying something unique, which these certainly are, but why does it have to be the exact same design for every team? I think that’s the most graphically offensive aspect of this promotion. The NBA and adidas were, frankly, very creative in coming up with the idea of doing this, whether you like it or not it is a unique idea and approach to an NBA basketball jersey. But did they use up all their creativity points when it came to designing the look for each team?

It’s such a disturbing trend in pro sports these days, let’s come up with one or two designs and then apply it across every single team. Use the paint bucket tool in Photoshop to fill in the appropriate team colour and paste their logo on the front. We see it in MLB with the BP caps and jerseys, we see it in the NHL with their practice jerseys and some of the Rbk Edge re-designed jerseys in ’07, and we see it every Christmas in the NBA.

I’m actually starting to hope for a return to the days when logos were designed by some 20-year-old intern working at the local advertising agency and uniforms were nothing more than cheap hand-me-downs from the closest college team with the new team name stitched on.

Thank you.

Anyways, if you want to buy one of these jerseys, the NBA has them up for sale on their official shop site, they’re going for $109.95.

There’s a video produced by the league showing players wearing the new jerseys playing “Jingle Bells” by shooting hoops, it gives you an idea of what these uniforms will look like in action…

As you’d expect it basically it looks like the players are wearing their pre-game warm ups.

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  • Joseph Newell

    complete garbage. This is why I can’t watch the NBA anymore. Nothing but streetball these days.

    • Manuel Diaz, jr.

      How is a t-shirt streetball? Also I think most would rather watching streetball instead of the nba

  • Delayed Penalty

    Well it’s already been said but, $109 for a fancy t-shirt?

  • pK

    The NBA is on a mission to emasculate their players like the NFL did with all the pink “breast cancer” propaganda. Let men’s sports stay manly.

    • Wallet Beef

      You do realize these men are wearing MORE clothing now than they were with Tank Tops, right?

    • Morgan

      Seriously? Do they have the parts below the belt that males have? Automatically “manly”. Not your bullcrap stereotypical gender roles.

  • Wallet Beef

    Chrome, hmm, well I believe the NHL just got beaten to the punch because I would expect something with Chrome for the Stadium Series (happening after Christmas). However, I also expect it to be executed in a far superior fashion than these cheap spandex t-shirts.

    This also highlights how bland the OKC Thunder logo is.

  • Big McLargehuge

    Who thinks chrome is cool? I just don’t get it at all.

  • Bob C

    Looks like an angel with tatoos

  • Tom

    I’m sure these skin tight t shirts will look great on everyone…in shape and heavy fans!

  • rafterman

    do chrome basketballs bounce?

    • Jon

      Depends on how it was coated.

  • Jon

    Chrome seems to go well with the Spurs. As for the others… not so much.

  • Nick R.

    Sweet!!! Softball jerseys!!!

  • Greg

    The NBA needs to cut ties with Adidas immediately, these are ridiculous.

  • Well then

    Dear Adidas,

    Thank you for putting your creativity and marketing strategies into the NBA.

    Go to hell.

    -Everyone on this website.

  • Jimmy

    Just brutal, another reason why I’ve lost so much interest in the NBA. Why are they forcing the sleeve look? Is wearing a jersey to manly? And I’m all about alternate and special jerseys, but when they look like a combination of Soccer and the WNBA, I’ll pass.

  • Agree on the copy-paste design aspect of the uniforms. If they were going for the BIG hockey crest-like look mixed with a soccer jersey then add some unique stripes for each team and some logos on the sleeves or shoulders. The shorts all have the same design with the horrible tramp stamp script.

  • Bill A

    Money grab. Or garb for that matter.

  • ingmar66

    Hahahaha, just when I thought that the NBA and their henchmen from deepest Bavaria could not come up with something that is so totally offending to the beautiful game of basketball,..! Shazam! This league is plunging to deeper depths in credibility and sympathy than any submarine vessel of the esteemed Cousteau family could ever manage to reach. Shame on you, NBA, for promoting and selling these despicable items of clothing that are a huge offensive foul to the game and its true fans. And adidas, please stick to soccer and weightlifting. Stop messing up the look of other sports.

  • ingmar66

    These rags really make me wheep. Look at Rose plucking at his expensive and itching piece of polyester. What’s next, long pants because muscled calves are offensive to people with flabby or skinny legs?

  • Rob S

    Ridiculous garbage attire. I can’t wait to NOT be watching this on Christmas day! Another bad mark for the sport……..Chris, I like your last paragraph (above jersey’s)

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    “Everything is Chrome in the future”

  • John Micah

    What the f is wrong with the NBA and their jersey? Why do they keep coming up with horrible designs? Are they selling those? Really??

  • You’ve gotta be a fool to pay $110 dollars for one of these. As a $20 T-shirt, sure. Should’ve just gone with throwbacks that are guaranteed to sell instead of these. I collect Lakers jerseys…but I won’t be adding one of these.

  • Aaron

    Chrome as an accent, okay! But this goes a bit too far. And $110 for these shirts? If Holt Renfrew sold these, I can see that.

  • tageniz

    volleyball jerseys for basketball teams

  • Jack Waters

    As the guy on PTI said, they are pajamas for kids. When kids look at those they are going to want to buy those.

  • Preston J. Woods

    *SIGH….* I miss the days of Champion and Nike during their respected days of being NBA jersey producing…..

  • Kosmomiles

    Another joke from the NBA. Must be trying to appeal to WNBA fans.

  • Aaron

    Water polo uniforms anyone?

  • Aaron

    This fad will eventually go the way of the NHL’s cooperalls.

  • CougMak

    At least Derrick Rose will have something comfortable to wear on the couch

  • joe

    whoa. i think theyre interesting. all except the la teams work good. its a cool step forward in nba identity. they sorta remind me of the turn ahead the clock mlb jerseys in the 90s.