Baltimore Orioles to Wear 60th Anniversary Patch in 2014

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Baltimore Orioles 60th Anniversary Patch 2014

The Baltimore Orioles unveiled the 60th anniversary patch they will be wearing in 2014 via their official Twitter account on Monday. The patch will be worn on the right sleeve of Baltimore’s home, road, and both the black and orange alternate jerseys throughout the season.

At the top of the patch is the original Orioles jersey script logo, worn on their home uniforms in 1954 during their first season in Baltimore; the cap logo from that season can be seen to the left of the ’60’. On the right is the current cap logo, based heavily on the many variants of the cap logo worn by the team from the late 60s up through the late 80s. Finally, at the bottom there are three stars to symbolize Baltimore’s three World Series titles in 1966, 1970, and 1983.

Orioles 60th Anniversary Patch Explained

The patch is being worn in recognition of the 60th anniversary of the St. Louis Browns relocating to Baltimore for the 1954 season which re-introduced the Baltimore Orioles to the American League. The original Orioles played in the American League from 1901-1902 before relocating to New York where they eventually won 27 World Series titles and became today’s New York Yankees.

This is the fourth consecutive season the Orioles will have worn a commemorative patch on their jerseys, last season they honoured the memory of former manager Earl Weaver; prior to that was the 20th anniversary of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 2012′ and before that a memorial patch for former player, GM, and broadcaster Mike Flanagan in 2011.

A photo mockup of how the new patch will look on the Orioles jerseys in 2014

A photo mockup of how the new patch will look on the Orioles jerseys in 2014

We have added this new 60th anniversary logo to the site, you can check it out and leave a rating here.

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  • some guy

    i like it.

  • PriitJK

    Very happy they just came straight out with this. No teasers, no special press conference. Less is more folks. Give us a logo and move on.

  • Joe

    I agree with all the above. I like the patch….it’s nice and clean. And as far as unveiling new jerseys, logos, patches, etc., like PriitJK said….just do it already! This was perfect; there were no teaser pics released daily for 3 months leading up to it, no pretend player leaks (looking at you Buffalo), just a nice “here is our new patch” post!

  • Aaron

    I noticed the Orioles script looks a little different from their uniform script. Could the O’s be revamping their jerseys slightly too?

    • Nope, the Orioles script looks different because it’s the one used in 1954; there’s a graphic explaining it in the article.

      • ingmar66

        Ah, you beat me to the punch! I like that original capital O, by the way.

  • J

    Very nice patch! Soo much history on implied

  • Jed

    Very nicely done!

  • Joshua Meyers

    Wow, 60 years is a long time if you think about it.

  • Hutch

    Definitely one of the best Anniversary Patches out there. Simple, clean, and it honours the history of the Franchise.

  • WFY

    No mention of being from Baltimore on that patch

  • Tom

    I like the logo but the stars make it a little soccer-ish