Ten Additional Sleeved NBA Jerseys Leaked!

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NBA Sleeved Jerseys Leaked

Sleeveamania is running wild in the NBA, and just like Hulkamania in the ’80s, it shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, twitter user (who is also a fellow member of our very own CCSLC forum and frequenter of our comments section) @conradburry revealed even more sleeved jerseys for the fans to enjoy (and by “enjoy,” we mean “Plunk down hundreds of your hard-earned cash for them so you can wear to the game.” Because that’s the proper way to enjoy these uniforms.)


The first set of jerseys are obviously tied in to the NBA’s Noche Latina initiative, which has been going on since the 2006-07 season. The usual Noche Latina details are here: A “Los” or “Nueva” tacked onto the team’s script across the chest where appropriate & the Noche Latina patch, which has been moved from the right chest to above the nameplate on the back of the jerseys. Obviously, the huge difference is that these jerseys now have sleeves and in addition to the sleeves, there is also a sublimation pattern on the back of each jersey. We don’t know what’s the meaning behind the sublimation pattern, but we’re sure that the NBA will explain it once these are officially unveiled. An interesting wrinkle is that there are 3 white jerseys and 3 black jerseys, which should please those who suffered through last week’s color-clashing debacle in New York.


The second set of jerseys also have an obvious connection, as the jerseys have been specifically for some guy named “March” who will be wearing the number 17 for both the Bulls and Celtics. Now that the effort to be facetious is over with, it’s clear that these 2 green jerseys are for St. Patrick’s Day, and should be worn on or around that holiday. For Boston, there isn’t too much of a difference between the sleeved jerseys and what the Celtics normally wear for St. Patrick’s Day. The Bulls, on the other hand, will be wearing “Chicago” across their chest with white letters & numerals, a pretty decent-sized difference from their regular St. Patrick’s Day garb.


The final two jerseys to discuss here are standalone jerseys by themselves and don’t appear to be connected to a league-wide promotion or holiday. The T-Wolves’ sleeved jersey appears to just be a “regular” alternate jersey. If that’s the case, they will join the Suns, Clippers, and Warriors as teams who will be wearing a sleeved jersey as an alt. The last jersey to talk about here is the clear outlier: What’s up with that gray & blue Brooklyn Nets jersey?! The only guess we have is that it must have something to do with a promotion involving the last team to call the borough home: The Brooklyn Dodgers. Either way, this is definitely the most intriguing jersey of the bunch, and whatever other information comes out will definitely be of interest.

Overall, most of these jerseys are just sleeved twists on old news, with 2 jerseys bringing something that we’ve never seen before. The main gist of this information is that (at least for this season), sleeved jerseys are going to rule the aesthetical roost in the NBA. How do you feel about that? Are you excited to see even more of these come out, or are you having sleeve fatigue? As always, give us a shout below so you can let everyone else know exactly how you feel about Sleeve-a-mania running roughshod.

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  • Matt Karweick

    I don’t know what I like less, the sleeved jersey, or the Latino promotion. The sleeved jersey looks dumb. The Latino promotion would be better if they actually used the Spanish version of the team name, i.e. “Toros” instead of “Los Bulls.” That just looks lazy.

    • Patrick

      Bulls is a proper noun, you don’t typically translate proper nouns (even if their improper form may have a translation) when going from English-Spanish, or vice versa.

      • Burmy

        The Brewers have had “Cerveceros” jerseys forever (the Giants have “Gigantes,” the Cardinals have “Cardinales,” and so on), and did “Bierbrauer,” “Birrai” and “Piwowarzy” jerseys…all of which have been a HUGE success among their communities.

        Basically, when you translate the team’s name, you’re letting ’em know you’re trying to be THEIR equipo, and not just a foreign “El Teamo” as the NBA has it…

    • Jay Fait

      I agree with Matt. I’m not a fan of the sleeved jerseys at all, nor I think that the NBA is being lazy with the Latin Night thing. It would of been better if it had Los Toros instead of Los Bulls or El Calor instead of El Heat or Los Soles instead of Los Suns or Las Espuelas as opposed to Los Spurs,

  • Mike

    I wonder if the Mexicans would like it if a bunch of Gringos infiltrated all of their cities and towns? Maybe they could have special jerseys where they renamed all of their soccer and baseball teams to English names. I bet they would love that down there. I just know they would.

  • Martin

    Shocking …… I´m at a loss for words.

  • 54321

    I actually like that Brooklyn colour scheme. It couldn’t be more obvious, in a good way.

  • Veryscaryaki

    I’m very curious as to why the front of the jerseys have the number 13, while the backs have the number 14

    • Paul

      2013 -2014 season.

  • “¡LAS ESPUELAS!” “¡EL CALOR!” Learn the language before you slap it on a jersey.

  • Mitchell

    It seems like the NBA (i.e. Grampa Dave) said, “Even though these jerseys have gone over like a wet fart in church, we have way too much money invested in them to just sack the whole idea. Let’s try to polish this turd a little bit… or at least roll it in glitter.”

  • The one upside to sleeved NBA jerseys to that they look better on big fat white guys.

  • Jeff from Minnesota

    Blech, these are the worst! Cheap looking garbage, seriously. The Brooklyn Nets “Dodgers” color scheme is so LAME. They haven’t been in Brooklyn for 60 years, and they weren’t a Basketball team! Teams need to stop being so desperate for nostalgia.

  • Aaron

    The argyle design in the back of the jerseys? Lame!

  • John

    NBA, please drop your deal with Adidas. The sleeved jersey won’t help the cause. Get it back where it was in the end of the 90’s or 2000’s when each team could have their OWN compagny to deal with, with their jerseys. Thank you. This sponshership with Adidas has lost is luster this year. Cut it out Nba. Give it back to the nike’s the champions’, the puma’s etc….

  • Andrew


  • Ben in LA

    I don’t think the Nets should wear those Brooklyn Dodgers batting practice jerseys…

  • jared

    Next thing you know the All-Star game jerseys are gonna be sleeved. Then, special edition NBA Finals sleeved jerseys. They should stop these already.

    • Aaron

      Careful what you wish for, it might just happen.

    • “Next thing you know the All-Star jerseys will have sleeves.”

      You clearly don’t read Paul Lukas.

    • Andy

      I have seen the all-star jerseys, and I promise you, they are sleeved.

  • Alex F

    These are so freakin’ ugly! Back when I was in elementary school we had better jersey’s than this!

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    When will this madness end?

  • Joe

    You gota be kidding me, the NBA marketing & graphic design department must be full of blind crack-heads. Those are some of the most hideous jersey’s I’ve ever seen. The sleeve designs are bad enough, then u put an argyle sweater on the back?? I just puked. And I have no problem w/the latino month but I think either u drop it or all sports celebrate more than one or two ethnicity’s, plus I agree w/others the Spanglish is just so stupid.

  • Daniel Hou

    As a long time NBA fan, it’s just depressing to see your favorite team’s jersey be forced on a “sleeve” that’s designed by the Adidas team of no creativity, no taste and no class… I love my team, but I wouldn’t buy any sleeved jersey designed so poorly even if I just won the lottery. Is there not a single person in the NBA/Adidas organization realizing how pathetic this is? Please stop.

  • Jed

    Enough of these sleeved jerseys already. They are absolutely abysmal and just another way for the NBA to grab the extra that fans might have left over to buy junk like this. What an idiotic idea!

    • Jed

      *money* should have been added right after the word extra…my apologies.

  • shannon boldman

    what the hell is the deal with all the damn latino stuff. Are the latino baseball leagues going to put english team names on there unis?

  • Eric

    El Heat = El Stupido, just like those jerseys.

  • jboy

    Crap! Not the Spurs!

  • ingmar66

    Just when I thought that things could not get sadder and more pathetic for this league. Next thing you know the NBA will cater desperately to other target groups in the stands to buy these crappy products: pink sleeved shirts for Ladies Night! Sleeved shirts with dragons and team names spelled out in characters for China Night! Sleeved shirts with printed on gold chains and bullet holes for Gangsta Night! Long sleeved shirts with printed on white shirt, tie and lapels for that favourite of David and his cronies: Lawyer and Administrator Night! That Brooklyn shirt is a disgrace to old Brooklynites and other old school Dodger fans: try to cash in on broken hearts and sad goodbyes. Shameless! Send the UN bluehelmets into the NBA HQ right now, make them capture those responsible for marketing and PR, send them to minor league baseball and hockey leagues for compulsory re-education and liberate the game of professional basketball once and for all from these forces of evil. They have been traumatizing basketball fans for years.

  • What’s with the Bill Cosby sweatervest?

  • Business wise these jerseys make perfect sense, and I actually like them. Wearing a tank top in public (especially over the age of 20), is not a very good look, and I would be far more likely to wear one of these versus a normal NBA jersey anywhere outside of game. The popularity of European soccer jerseys outside of sporting events (even here in the US) proves this point, because they can be worn like a normal shirt. Therefore these will likely sell much better than current jerseys and are here to stay.

  • Kosmomiles

    The “Spanish” shirts are a disgrace. Other than that, I think some uppity up somewhere has told the NBA that all the tattoos in the league are detrimental to it’s image. The shirts is just a way to cover them up. Next we’ll see turtlenecks and snow pants!!

  • Michael

    Is this real life?