Colour Scheme for Re-Born Charlotte Hornets Announced

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Charlotte Hornets 2014-15 Colours

The Charlotte Bobcats this morning announced the colour scheme (and Pantone swatches, surprising) the franchise will be using when they rebrand themselves as the Charlotte Hornets for the 2014-15 season.

Purple and teal will be the primary colours, similar to what the original Charlotte Hornets used during their stint in the NBA from 1988/89 – 2001/02; the Hornets moved to New Orleans in 2002 where they now play as the New Orleans Pelicans.

Charlotte Hornets 2014-15 Pantone Color Scheme

“It was important to us to acknowledge the heritage of the Charlotte Hornets when bringing the name back to the market. The purple and teal colour scheme was instantly recognizable as being associated with the original Hornets and we felt it was only appropriate to utilize the colours once again with this historic brand.” – Charlotte Bobcats Chairman (and NBA legend) Michael Jordan

Three secondary colours were also announced: grey, black, and light blue. It’s not sure how these secondary colours will be used in regards to the team logos or uniforms.

The original Charlotte Hornets uniform during the 1998-99 season

The original Charlotte Hornets uniform during the 1998-99 season

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  • Tyler


  • About time…I broke this news weeks ago! 😉

    • Evil G

      I believe Carolina Blue will be used for pinstripes only, if I read Conrad’s leak correctly.

    • This is true — and I was actually preparing a story about it back then but I decided not to post it after it was clear the league had inadvertently posted the information early and went through some effort to fix the mistake… sometimes you just gotta cut people some slack when they make a mistake.

  • 54321

    Probably didn’t have much other choice. Not sure how many ppl recall, but the Charlotte Hornets brand was huge in the 90’s & it barely had anything to do with on-court performance yes?

    I remember kids at school with Hornets gear, probably couldn’t name 3 players.

  • Smitty

    I guessing that the secondary colors chosen have at least something to do with Jordan’s Carolina background.

  • ingmar66

    I think that the black and grey are mostly for updating logos with shadows, outlines and stuff. Or that a black alternate uniform is in the making. Glad that the Hornets and their identity are making a comeback to their original city, just like the Oakland Raiders did back in the days.

    • Aaron

      Black alternate? No way! Not with this team . Accent colours grey and black, fine.

      • ingmar66

        I am also not a fan of a black alternate for this team, but you never know what they might come up with. Jordan is running the show in Charlotte and he liked his black alternate Bulls uniform during his playing days. I do hope they bring back the purple alternate, That one was really cool.

  • Greg Benson

    This news makes me really, really, REALLY happy.

  • KDub

    Love it. When done right, these colors are sweeeeeet!

  • Aaron

    Had a feeling these colours would come back with the Charlotte Hornets.

  • Jon

    Now all they have to do is bring back the REAL Charlotte Hornets logo (NOT the last one used by New Orleans before they became the Pelicans) and it will be back to the good “old school” days!

    • D-rock

      Im with joshua. Being a native to charlotte, i was a huge fan of the original logo but i think that a fresher adaptation is in order… Something sharp. The cartoony hugo WAS cool, but with a rennesiance of the team so should be the logo. Ive seen some tweaked variations of the original (barely modified) and it doesnt seem right to me. We need something new while still paying homage to hugo. There was a fan contest for new concepts on uni watch done back in june… Those submissions were horrible. I wish i had known about te contest then. My design would have crushed the competition.

  • JJHoser

    OMG HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I can say right now. I am just so excited.

  • Aaron

    Can’t wait for the uniforms to be released. I just hope black is used as an accent colour. I wonder if they’ll have a purple alternate?

  • Jed

    Best news BOTH uniform and name wise that has come out of this league in a while.

    • John Micah



    I’m loving it can’t wait to see the Hornets logo!

  • Mark Lockerman

    In my opinion, that is one of, if not the WORST color schemes of ALL TIME !!! The original logo was hideous and Now they want to do it all over again??? I hope someone can talk some sense into the Bobcats/Hornets brain trust to change the color scheme.

    • Teal & purps

      This opinion is based on what exactly??

  • JP

    Perfect… I just wish they would have a good logo and jersey design

  • Jorge Bautista

    I can’t wait to see what their alt-purple sleeved jersey will look like (said no one ever)

    • Aaron

      Please no sleeved jerseys. This trend is getting to me a bit much if you ask me.

  • Joshua Meyers

    I love it! Although, I think they should use a slightly different logo instead of the past Hornets logo as it is pretty outdated. I’m hoping they can still keep the hornet.

  • Sandy Heavner

    I have (or rather my son has) the original signed Hornets basketball from the very first season of the Hornets. The entire team signed it. Wonder what that would be worth? Any ideas?

  • Aaron

    Now that the Hornets colours and name are back in Charlotte and the Pelicans are in New Orleans, perhaps the Hornets history can be given back to this team, just like the Cleveland Browns.

  • FHC

    All is right in Charlotte! Proper name is back and the colors too. Good job Bobcats/NBA.

  • Michael

    They’ll find a way to ruin it with a terrible logo. Just you wait and see.

  • Jack Waters

    I am waiting for the sleeved :'(