Kansas City Royals Unveil New 2014 Alternate Uniform

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New Kansas City Royals Uniform 2014

The Kansas City Royals, fresh off their best full season in 24 years, unveiled their new blue alternate uniform for the upcoming 2014 season today.

The new jersey is blue with white and powder blue piping down the front of the jersey, around the back collar, and each sleeve. A large “KC” logo, similar to the ones worn on the Royals’ caps, is on the front left of the jersey, the “KC” logo is also trimmed in powder blue. The standard Royals primary logo patch, seen on every other Royals jersey, remains on the sleeve.

Royals 2013-2014

The Royals haven’t announced what the arrival of this jersey means for the existing blue alternate, their official team shop still lists it as “Alternate Home” despite them never wearing it at home in 2013.

However, according to a report from a reliable source back in October, this new blue uniform will replace the blue alternate jersey the Royals had been using (with only very minor changes made to it) since 1995, the classic blue with “Royals” in white script was one of the (possibly even the) longest surviving alternate jerseys still in use in the Major Leagues. Kansas City went 16-9 in those blue uniforms in 2013, one of the most successful road uniform records in the entire league last year.

KC Royals New Alternate Jersey

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  • JJHoser

    That Royals one was getting a little old to see season after season so I am glad they made a new alternate. I love it. And I love the powder blue piping and trim. When the royals were all powder blue, with a royal blue hat, it was kinda outdated When they became royal blue black and white, the black was a dumb addition in place of powder blue, but now that they are using royal blue and white with powder blue accents, it is perfect.

  • Jimmy

    I like it, nice clean look. Wish my Detroit Tigers would add an alternate jersey for the road ONLY, a navy blue alternate with Detroit written in orange script outlined in white. Up until the Pistons recently unveiled a new alternate, all four pro teams here in Detroit didn’t have an alternate jersey, which annoys me. I love seeing something different in the mix.

    • Aaron

      The only alternates the Red Wings and Tigers and possibly Lions should really have are…

      With the Red Wings, either use their current Winter Classic jersey or their last one with the gothic D.

      Tigers should either use their 1980’s jersey or their 1960’s jersey as a road alternate. Anything with a spalsh of orange. No coloured jerseys with this team please.

      Lions should either go with their 1930’s throwback, the ones they usually use for Thanksgiving or the Barry Sanders era look as their alternates. Avoid black alternates please.

      The Pistons Motor City alternates should be reversed to red with royal blue lettering or white lettering with blue outline. Or a combination of the two.

  • Steve

    Very nice, It reminds me of their 80’s/90’s batting practice jersey.
    I do hope they keep the Royals one for the road and wear this one alternate home exclusively.

    I’m also glad to see chest logos returning to game uniforms (Giants, Padres, A’s, Nats)

    Now Royals, how about returning to powder blue pants for their road set up. That would stylishly set them apart from other blue teams.

    • Aaron

      The Rays should follow suit on that aspect with their road and navy alternates. As far as the Nationals go, the W chest logo should just be on their red alternates. The white homes look fine, but with the piping, looks too much like the Reds. Should possibly say Nationals with the cursive script. With the navy alternates, should say Washington.

      • Jack Waters

        As a Nats fan sine ’05, I love the stars and stripes “w” and the “DC” even more, but it would be nice t have “Nationals” on the white uniforms.

  • Jed

    Definitely I like this new alternate jersey for the Royals. Besides, they have the powder blue alts with Royals across it and this is a nice touch for the hard blue alternate and a freshened look to boot.

  • Aaron

    Solid alternate. Way to go Royals. I’m assuming they’re hanging on to their powder blue alternates as well.

  • It’d be nice if they added a powder blue outline on the caps as well, but that’d be a bit too much and I guess it’d just be pandering to the people who hang around on this site, like you and I. Haha.

    Seriously though, I’ve got no problem with this. Nice look for the Royals!

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    I really like it. Love how they brought columbia blue to the bunch. It makes it pop more and completes the look if you ask me.

  • ingmar66

    Agree with Demetrius: put a powder blue outline on the lettering (and maybe a powder blue button as well) and create an alternate cap to go with this fresh new jersey.

  • Aaron

    More or less what the Rays should do with their road uniforms.

  • Aaron

    And possibly their navy alternates.with the sun ray in between the T and B.

  • Danny Ip

    Sort of looks like the Toronto Blue Jays color scheme from their uniforms in 1994-1996.

  • Looks clean. It has to be a huge design challenge to have a different ligature on the cap from the left chest? I would like to see the Royals someday use the KC shield mark on an alternate cap…http://www.capaid.com/wp-content/uploads/-28821504712347190.jpg

  • I like my Royals’ choice to go with this get-up! It invokes the Bo Jackson-era batting practice jerseys, and offers a bit of a throwback look while staying with the Royals’ modern color scheme!

  • Andrew

    Very nice.

  • Michael


  • 54321

    Looks good. Am I wrong or have the KC Royals franchise had one of the finest uniform heritages of all pro sports? Sure some ppl didn’t love their light baby blues, but they did keep them classy.

    • 54321

      *That’d be an interesting power rankings list… all time franchise uniform/logo/branding rankings.

    • Aaron

      The Royals have always had classy uniforms. And still do. But adding black in the early 2000’s, especially the black jerseys, could’ve done without. That was their only faux pas. Although their black caps with blue bill didn’t look bad.

    • Jack Waters

      hint hint Chris

  • Jack Waters

    Reminds me of tigers…….looks good, and timeless,