Texas Rangers Drop Black, Update All Team Uniforms for 2014

Written By:  •  Monday, November 25, 2013

New Texas Rangers Uniforms

While baseball fans watched as the Texas Rangers introduced their most recent off-season addition today, eagled-eyed readers of SportsLogos.Net were busy contacting us as they noticed the newest Ranger was wearing a new jersey design for the team.

Black is out, the “bevelling” is out.

Additional white outlines and clean wordmarks are in.

Texas Rangers New Wordmark Compare

All four of the Texas Rangers uniforms — the home whites, road greys, and the two alternates (blue, and red) received a cleaning up today. The black drop shadow which had been present on the home and road wordmarks since 2001 are both gone in favour of a simple additional trim. Both these wordmarks will now be trimmed in white and red.

Texas Rangers New Alternate Wordmark Compare

The alternate uniform wordmarks, both of which did not have black in them in 2013, had their grey in-letter bevelling removed as well as an additional layer of trim. The result is a much more clean “TEXAS” wordmark which really pops a lot more off of the jerseys than before.

On the backs of the jerseys the player name and number have received the same updates as the front. No black, additional trim:

Texas Rangers Prince Fielder New Home Uniform 2014

A side-by-side photographic comparison of all of the 2013 jerseys and the new 2014 below:

Texas Rangers Compare 2013 and 2014 Uniforms

A very simple but terrific update by the Texas Rangers.

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  • Tyler


  • Robert Ozias

    And yet, still no team name on the home jersey.

    • Elijah Summerdrum

      Maybe its because Texans are very patriotic about their state. I know that from stopping in Amarillo for 3 minutes.

      • Aaron

        Likely the same reason the Knicks and Nets choose to place New York and Brooklyn on both home and road jerseys. Or the Mavs and Marlins choose to do the same with theirs.

        • 11in ’11

          I just realized the Marlins don’t have their names on the jersey either. Good point.

          • FHC

            The Marlins is because that’s what the city of Miami got out of their hundreds of millions of dollars. In exchange for the money they made Marlins agree to change their name. Now they have a nice, embarrassing advertisement for “Miami” everywhere the team goes!

    • 54321

      Give it a year. They’ll want to make new money in 2015 yes?

    • I don’t see why a team is “required” to have the nickname on the home jersey and the regional identifier on the road jersey. No matter where a team’s playing, someone in another region’s watching. I have no complaints about the new unis.

  • Neal Pozner

    Much, much better. But I’m still not a fan of the pointy letters and numbers.

  • Tyler

    Do this for their logos too

  • Brandon

    Now they need to put “Rangers” across the home whites.

  • Matty

    i think they should drop the Texas off the Home and Red uniforms and have it say Rangers , leave Texas for the road and gray

  • Jonas

    Being a Dallas native, I used to agree with everyone on needing the “Rangers” word mark on our home uni’s but I have to say over the years I have started to enjoy the quirkiness of the Texas-only jerseys. Its kind of like the Cowboys and their 7 shades of blue across the street.

  • WinMINTwins

    FINALLY. I just wish that they would make it a single outline instead of a double outline ( on the home, have the red be the only outline by getting rid of the white; remove the white on the road; and so on). It would look much cleaner.

  • Steve

    Not much of an improvement. The wordmark still looks cluttered, too many unnecessary outlines. And they didn’t even put Rangers on the home whites!
    I actually prefer the old alternate scripts, the silver made it a little softer on the eyes.
    Try again next year Rangers!!

  • Jimmy Edwards

    What I would love to see is a white jersey with “Rangers” in red to wear with their red caps. The red caps with the current white jersey containing blue letters is not the best combo IMHO.

    • Alan

      Did everyone forget that the original 1972 jerseys were red text with a blue hat? No one gave that design much grief like they do when they wear red with the home whites. I like it simply because of the nostalgia (1990’s) that it represents.

  • Jed

    I wish they would have at least gone with RANGERS for their home uniforms and one of the alternates and not TEXAS all throughout their jersey bases.

  • Aaron

    These do look a lot cleaner without the drop shadow. I wonder if the caps will still have them. Agreed with all who said this, Rangers should be on the home whites at least.

  • Aaron

    One other change it would make, with road and blue alternates, match them with a blue with red billed cap. A throwback to the early years of this team. For a Sunday alternate to match with their red caps well, mid-90’s Red lettered uniforms. Their first years in their current ballpark. The red uniforms are more Friday alternates right?

  • Still wish that they’d put Rangers across the chest of the home jersey(s), but this is a pretty good upgrade.

  • Jeriat

    They’re not putting “RANGERS” on the home jersey, folks.

    Just accept it.

  • Mildlyclever

    This small update did wonders for the team look. They jumped from looking subpar to pretty decent.

  • Ryan

    i still wish it said rangers on the home jerseys. personal opinion but i think saying the location of the team should be on road uniforms and the team nickname on the home uniforms

  • ingmar66

    It looks cleaner, but there is still one outline too many. Crop it. And, of course, the home white should read Rangers across the chest. Wonder what they will do with the caps: drop the drop shadow as well?

  • Big McLargehuge

    Amazing how such minor changes can make something look so much better. Agreed with so many above about putting ‘Rangers’ on the home jerseys, but otherwise this is an improvement. One less team using unnecessary bevelling and BFBS is always a good thing.

  • M. Quinn

    I’m just going to summarize everyone’s comments: PUT “RANGERS” ON HOME JERSEYS!

  • alex

    looks cheaper……..but who cares, they and fielder now suck…………he will only get slower and fatter in texas

  • alex

    authentic jerseys will now look like a replica

  • I don’t mind “Texas” being in all of the jerseys. Yankees fans haven’t complained about that in quite awhile. As for the update, it’s all good.

    • Aaron

      Neither have the fans of the Detroit Tigers with the gothic D on their home uniforms and no text that says Tigers. I give this update a thumbs up.

  • Delayed Penalty

    Looks much cleaner and brighter, especially having the white stroke separating the red and blue.

  • Aaron

    I’ll bet the Cincinnati Reds will do the same thing as the Rangers did by dropping the black soon afterwards.

  • William

    Much better, now if only the Mets could do the same thing.

    • alex

      the hell you talking about ?

  • tom

    looks so cheap

    • Jack Waters

      ja, the 3D look gave them some personality. especially the dark grey on light gray. not the black background

  • Rob S

    I’d say it is a small improvement, not that the previous marks were bad. One reason is the color blue in the new mark is a lighter blue on the home and away.

  • Dale

    The home whites and road greys look better, but the alternate red and blue jerseys look worse, IMO. Next thing to improve is to separate the red and blue stripe on the sleeve so it doesn’t look purple from a distance or on a bad TV.

  • tom

    Looked 3D before……………now, too plain

  • Chris

    As a Rangers fan, I really wish we’d go back to the script “Rangers” logo used for so many years…it’s classic baseball, and the generic “Texas” on ALL the jerseys irritates me. I don’t want anyone confusing Dallas-Fort Worth and other places, like San Antonio, Austin, or, god-forbid, Houston.

  • Michael

    Step in the right direction. Teams are finally getting the notion that shadows and bold black outlines aren’t appealing.

    • alex

      says who

  • ingmar66

    The drop shadows and bevelling were not bad, but sometimes one has to tweak things a little bit. For home and away it is a nice improvement, for blue and red the extra outline has got to go. It may look a little plain after the shadowed/bevelled look, but it is also clean and bright. And in a couple of years the team can always return to the drop shadows and bevelled font because of nostalgic (read: extra cash) reasons.

  • Jack Waters

    They should just move back to Washington 😛