Cowboys Wearing Road Blues at Home; First Time in 40+ Years

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Cowboys Blue Jerseys 2008

Well here’s something nobody around here expected… the Dallas Cowboys will be wearing their standard (road?) blue jerseys for their Thanksgiving Day game against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday.

According to the Cowboys it’s the first time since the Cotton Bowl days that the team has worn their standard blue jerseys for a home game. The Cowboys left the Cotton Bowl for Texas Stadium following the 1971 season.

The Cowboys will be wearing their standard road blue jerseys for the first time at home since the days of the Cotton Bowl

The Cowboys will be wearing their standard road blue jerseys for the first time at home since the days of the Cotton Bowl

Why are they doing this?

Simple, the NFL stopped allowing teams more than one helmet colour per season which put an end to the Cowboys tradition of wearing their throwback blue uniforms on Thanksgiving. Not wanting to mismatch eras (good call) but also not wanting to end the new tradition of going blue on Thanksgiving the team decided to just wear their road uniforms for the game.

The usual Thanksgiving throwbacks will NOT be worn this year, instead it will be the standard road blues

The usual Thanksgiving throwbacks will NOT be worn this year, instead it will be the standard road blues

In case you were wondering, the Cowboys started their tradition of wearing white at home to give their fans a different look each week. Instead of seeing the blue Cowboys face the white opponents every week the fans would see the white Cowboys vs the blue Giants or green Eagles or red Cardinals.

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  • Stupid NFL… ruining tradition.

    • Michael Sicilia

      Roger Goodell has RUINED our game. People like me love nostalgia, and that means throwback uniforms. Here’s a novel idea: how about updating all helmets for today’s standards so that teams like New England and Dallas can wear the throwback uniforms that their fans–and ALL football fans–love.

  • Rich

    Actually, the Cowboys left the Cotton Bowl in the middle of the ’71 season. First game was in October ’71 vs. Patriots.

  • Andrew


  • Steve

    Excellent idea Cowboys!!! A fare compromise for not wearing their gorgeous throwbacks.

    They should wear the dark blues at home more often anyways….

    • Jeriat

      NO… they shouldn’t.

      Never good to see them play in those.

  • Eric

    FINALLY! It’s about time.

    • Andre

      AMEN. The Cowboys’ navy jerseys have always been classy and vibrant. I’m a traditionalist myself but I’ve never liked the Cowboys wearing white at home every time. Especially against teams who wear their home darks at home when they play the Cowboys.

  • Kevin

    Maybe the NHL should take heed as to why the Cowboys started wearing white at home.

    • 54321

      Gary Betteman is a stupid person, so there’s that.

    • Michael

      Actually, the NHL switched to road whites for a better reason than the Cowboys: Aside from being easier to market alternate jerseys to home audiences, the league realized it’s considerably cheaper to only lug one set of uniforms on the road. Because so much gear comprises an NHL uniform, the switch to road whites made business sense on more than one level. The fact that it also happens to correspond with former league tradition is just gravy on top.

      • Aaron

        Here’s an idea for the NHL, either wear dark jerseys at home and white on the road for the first half of the season and vice versa the other half of the season or just mix it up per home game. It seems to work in the Canadian Hockey a League.

  • Kevin

    The theory is that the Cowboys don’t play good in their blues, and the Raiders don’t play good in their whites. So are we in for a stinker of a game?

    • Dave

      Absolutely hope so!

  • Doug B.

    As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I hate this. The Cowboys wear white at home. They wear throwbacks on Thanksgiving. I also absolutely hate their blue jerseys. They need to have a more similar design to the white. This is a mock up of a designer named Jesse Alkire on Uni Watch. I absolutely love these (except the all white look). I also don’t know why they just don’t wear their Thanksgiving throwback jersey with the road pants and silver helmet?

    • 54321

      I’ve always really liked the Cowboys blues, I only ever see those when I play Madden 😀

      They should at least wear them once a season, even if it’s on the road if someone else lets them…. usually that’s the Dolphins, who also seem to prefer whites.

      • Jack Waters

        Redskins make them wear blue @ fedex

  • Doug B.
  • Aaron

    I thought that the idea behind wearing the white uniforms at home was mainly for warm climate teams ( Miami, New Orleans, San Diego) in the early part of the year. But I definitely like the idea of fans seeing different team colours every week.

  • 54321

    Good on them.

    Side rant: NHL made this stupid mistake, now every single home game is your team darks vs road whites. Variety is gone.
    Ppl floated idea of having home roads (fml) until the ASG, then wear home whites from ASG through the playoffs.

    Then again, Gary Betteman is a stupid person. Fans want to see something different, not the same thing every home game.

  • Ok now what

    White or blue not going anywhere

  • TylerVixmer

    Is this the first time they wear anything besides their white jerseys

  • Bill

    So teams aren’t allowed to wear a secondary helmet for Throwback weekend, but the Jaguars are allowed to wear that abomination every Sunday? Between this and the sh**ty Super Bowl logo, these are some reasons why Roger Goodell is detested.

  • Jeriat

    Speaking as a Cowboy fan… *ahem*…


  • Joshua Meyers

    Yes! I love those blue jerseys. When they wear white all the time, it makes me think the Cowboys main colors are white and silver. BTW, they need to do something about those mint green away pants; change them to silver maybe?

  • Jimmy Edwards

    If the Cowboys are so bent on having two pairs of pants, why don’t they have blue pants to wear with the white jerseys and white pants to wear with the blue jersey?

  • ingmar66

    The Cowboys have always dressed up as clowns and will continue to do so. By far the ugliest uniforms (home, away or throwback) in the NFL. I do like their Lone Star logo and font, and I am a big fan of Emmit Smith and Tony Dorsett (and Jerry Jones sunglasses), but their uniforms stink.

  • Adam T

    They could’ve just worn the double-star jersey from the 90s. It’s about 20 years old, I’d say that counts as a throwback, and they wouldn’t have to worry about the helmets

  • mahlon

    It IS DEFINITELY about time!! We hardly EVER get to see the Cowboys wear these uniforms any more. Even the @ Washington game, which ALWAYS saw the Redskins white homes vs. The Dallas Dark Road jerseys is gone, due to Washington wearing their darks at home more often now.
    I am a die hard HATER of the Cowboys, and even I think that these dark blue jerseys are one of the sharpest looks in the NFL……..EVER. period. Think back to Superbowl V, Dallas vs. Baltimore. Classic jersey matchup. Besides the fact that the color of their pants with these jerseys (silver (grey) ) is better than that metallic weird blue color on their home pants.

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  • Jimmy

    Nice move, now if the Cowboys could wear matching color pants and jerseys when they wear their white jerseys.

  • Jack Waters

    like it…..I REALLY wish that they could wear the 60’s unis’s

  • Sam Watson

    About time!I’m so tired of seeing those boring white jerseys.And why would the Cowboys want the opposing teams to look nicer in their dark jerseys in their own stadium anyway?The Redskins fans were so happy when they switched back to wearing their dark jerseys at home again,why can’t the Cowboys?

  • Vincent Spaduzzi

    As a Cowboys fan,I love these jerseys.They are the only ones I ever buy as a fan when I buy a Cowboys jersey.To me White is more of a girls color anyway.And you shouldn’t over wear white after Labor Day anyway,correct?LOL!Also if the Cowboys say these jerseys are cursed,then why not change them to something new?The Redskins brought back the yellow pants and look what happened?They made the playoffs.

  • ingmar66

    Well, these jerseys brought them luck last night (good game, by the way). Guess they will be wearing them more often at home. They are still not nice to look at (the petty star on the sleeve, the huge 80’s style numbers), but not nearly as ugly as the white ones with the royal blue striping with the green pants and the silver helmet with navy striping, so this as a more regular outfit at home is an improvement.