Move over Super Bowl, CFL standardizes Grey Cup Logo

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Grey Cup 2014

Joining their bigger, more successful brothers south of the border the Canadian Football League is now standardizing the look of their Grey Cup championship game logo from year-to-year.

They’re even using the same colour scheme as the Super Bowl.

Grey Cup and Super Bowl Logos

Comparing the 2013 and 2014 Grey Cup Logos (top) with the 2013 and 2014 Super Bowl Logos (bottom)

The Grey Cup previously had a “it’s kinda standardized but it’s still it’s own design” system, the wordmark and cup graphic would stay the same from game to game but the colours and host-specific graphics associated with the logo would change drastically.

Grey Cup Logos 2000-2014

Semi-standardized logo styles from 2003-2011, and strictly standardized from 2013-2014

You’ll also notice in the last three games (since the 100th game) there’s been a heavier emphasis on what game number the cup is rather than the year, I’ve noted media referred to the game as the “101st Grey Cup” rather than the “2013 Grey Cup” or “Grey Cup 101” during this years game this past week.

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  • 54321

    Well, okay. I never realized the Grey Cup had actual logos to begin with… & I’m Canadian.

  • Peter

    The 2014 logo really exposes how empty the Saskatchewan graphic is. I mean.. its appropriate and all.. but jeez..

  • SouthstanderRSM

    I will never understand why sports leagues are using all silver when designing logos like these. The Super Bowl, Stanley and Grey Cups. I am glad that the three times my S

  • SouthstanderRSM

    I will never understand why sports leagues are using all silver when designing logos like these. The Super Bowl, Stanley and Grey Cups are in Silver/Gray and the NBA is gold. I am glad that the three times my Sox have won the World Series the logos have dad nice design and color. I hope this never changes.

  • M. Quinn

    I’m guessing “bland” and “boring” is a new fad…

  • Steve

    I think the new ones are a huge improvement on the pre-2012 logos. They were all way too busy and overly complex. I agree using the same logo over and over again is no fun though.

  • Jake

    Atleast the background changes.. Being from BC, can’t complain about the mountains and BC Place in there

  • Bill

    I actually liked 2004-2011 and thought they were fun, but I understood the reason for a “polish” for 2012 for sophistication. That being said, I find the new ones “nice”, but also a bit boring, even if it’s “matured”. Still love the CFL though!

  • Bill

    Basic, bland and boring doesn’t cut it, CFL. Standarding the logo for an annual event is a stupid idea from lazy designers (*cough* nike!)

  • ingmar66

    There is a certain minimalism in these last two Grey Cup logos that is appealing to me, but a template for a finals logo is very uninspired. However, I prefer this to the recent Super Bowl logos and certainly to the previous Grey Cup logos which screamed wannabe Super Bowl to me.

  • Jeriat

    This world is getting more boring and monotonous by the second…

  • Jack Waters

    Actually like the new ones over the old ones…..The old ones had way too much going on at once.

  • Jason

    I do not care how the Grey Cup logos look like , as long as if I don’t have to witness the Hamilton Ti-Cats play the way they did in Regina this past year. I waited 14-years to watch that debacle?

  • JS

    Those logos … ARE TERRIBLE !
    the one before are way better and where significative to the city …. now its plain and freaky uggly…. the type is not even balance from left to right!?

  • michael

    After every city has had one of these standardized logos, what next? I hope a new direction but my guess is this “standard won’t last even the nine years it would have to.

    Why? Because they will all look the same and there will be a feeling of “same old, same old” every time a new logo is introduced for the following Grey Cup.

    I will agree that the designs in the past haven’t always been that great but a Grey Cup and a doodle in the background to me is just not that exciting.

  • michael

    Why not at least make the roundel different colours to show that it’s a new Grey Cup venue?

  • michael

    … by colours I don’t mean varying shades of grey.

  • Nicholas Hodell

    This is a logo crime!! What happened to creative logos for the biggest events on the planet??
    I can’t believe that Canada would follow with an American logo crime.

    • Taco Talk

      How absolutely lame. I used to love the colors in the Super Bowl and Grey Cup logos. Now they are both incredibly BORING!! Such a disappointment. I collected Super Bowl jackets and Grey Cup jerseys with the logos but now I’m done. I mean, just look at the color contrast of the Super Bowl and Grey Cup logos from the 2000’s and now. Why both the NFL and CFL had to standardize (and monotonize) these logos is beyond me. What a shame!!