NY Islanders Unveil 2014 Stadium Series Uniform

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New York Islanders Stadium Series Jersey 2014

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “well, at least it isn’t black“.

The New York Islanders unveiled their 2014 NHL Stadium Series uniform this morning to be worn one-time-only, on January 29, 2014 against the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium.

Islanders Stadium Series 2014 Uniform

The uniform is blue, like an Islanders uniform should be, but with white shoulders. An orange and white diagonal stripe is on each sleeve (which screams “1995 Calgary Flames!” to me), diagonal stripes are also on the pants. The Islanders partial logo, showing just the “NY/hockey stick” from their primary logo, is “chromified” and placed on the front of the jersey as well as on the pants. The Islanders logo is on one shoulder, the 2014 Stadium Series New York patch on the other.

“It’s sharp, it’s going more for the modern look, which I think is a great idea, especially with so many teams going back to the retro. We’re going to look good when we go out there.” – Islanders captain John Tavares

Islanders John Tavares Stadium Series Uniform

On the backs of the jerseys the white shoulders come to and end at the collar leaving a patch of blue, somewhat out of place… it does leave room for the Reebok logo though. Player names are in blue on a white nameplate, Philadelphia Flyers style.

“I love the nameplates with the white on the back. Our gloves have a little bit of white on them. It’s awesome with the chrome. The logo and the colors are bold. It’s going be a great jersey and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.” – Islanders forward Matt Martin

The uniform certainly has a more modern look to it which, when combined with the “chromified” logos the league released for every participating Stadium Series team, could be a real indicator as to how the rest of the teams will look once their jerseys are also unveiled.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the design of this jersey, to be honest I was expecting something absolutely terrible… this isn’t half-bad at all.

Jerseys will be available starting this Friday. Good timing.

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  • Mildlyclever

    Not bad, not bad at all. I really like the striping.

  • Jay

    Feels like we’re right back in the 90’s perspective of the future lol

  • Aaron

    These aren’t bad at all. Even if this wasn’t chromofied, the Isles could easily scrap their current black alternates and use these as their alternates.

  • Aaron

    If the Islanders ever use this jersey as their alternate and they should, the outline on the NY logo should be orange orange

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    Now that is sweet

  • carg0

    ya see, this… THIS… is how you do an alternate jersey.

    simple, classic and clean with the colors and trim yet just bold enough with the new chrome ‘NY’ logo without being over-the-top ridiculous. if i were in the market for an alternate jersey and were an Islander fan, i’d have no problem being seen wearing this.

    find the people responsible for making this jersey and put them in charge of making EVERY nhl uni.

  • Aaron

    This just came to me, with the Islanders moving to Brooklyn in a couple years and if this becomes their third jersey, I’m pretty sure you can fit Brooklyn somewhere on the hockey stick.

  • Aaron

    Or better yet, I wonder how this would look in orange?

  • Doug B.

    Not bad, would look better without the monstrous white shoulder yoke.

  • Alex

    I actually really like this jersey, I’m digging the NY crest.

  • Garrett

    I don’t like the pants

  • BB

    I’m kinda digging the new take on the lace up collar.

  • Brendan

    I don’t like the chrome at all. its to futuristic.

  • 54321

    Those are cool… as others have mentioned, a touch more orange on the NY & they’d be awesome.

  • Big McLargehuge

    Outside of the awful, pathetic logo it’s actually a pretty decent jersey…I just wish they’d have finished the sleve striping and ditched whatever the hell that is on the pants.

  • Daren

    Not enough orange in the logo to justify such heavy orange stripes. Thin orange stripes would have done well.

  • I thought Disco died in the late 70s.

  • Bill A

    You know you’ve lived a long time when…..

    I grew up a Flyers fan beginning right after they won their first Cup and despised the Islanders for handling the Flyers during the very late 70’s and a good part of the 80’s. Now, I can’t stand the Flyers management for a multitude of reasons and was happy that The Islanders didn’t move from New York to some other state or country.

    That said, although this latest issue isn’t as bad as the “fisherman” abomination or the 2011 alternate, I don’t find it appealing even as a neutral observer. Even as I disliked them in the 80’s, I thought the Islanders (and the Sabres and Canucks at the time) had the best-looking jerseys in the league. The main logo would be better served as a shoulder patch and the shoulder yoke was never something I EVER liked in a hockey jersey. The Bruins did my eyes a favor when they got rid of theirs back in the day.

    They might have done better with a chromed version of the traditional Isles logo with perhaps the only color (orange) highlighting the four stripes on the hockey stick to emphasize their four Cups. They could go a step further and feature chrome more dominantly in the striping, lettering and numbers.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 5.

    • Aaron

      I hear what you’re saying and I’m definitely glad the Islanders didn’t leave Long Island. They’re just moving to another part of Long Island. As far as the Isles, Sabres go, they both went back to their original concepts. The Canucks as mentioned before, should go back to theirs in some way and the Orca logo if they want to stick with that theme, would be better served as a shoulder patch. If not, Johnny Canuck. The shoulder yoke on these aren’t bad, but the last name square on the backs of the jerseys, nice retro concept. Although I wonder if the Flyers will have a say in it if the Isles ever do use this concept as an alternate.

  • wrongfairway

    It’s all stupid. Minnesota should have a game…where the kids ACTUALLY play outdoors….Dodger Stadium…really?

    • Bill

      Wrongfairway, calm your dumb self down and stop posting stupid things. Minnesota will have their turn at an outdoor game for the Wild. Happily, you will not be involved with it.

  • ingmar66

    Is this a sign of what is to come once the team moves to Brooklyn? The jersey is OK but the striping should be all around the sleeves. As an alternate it needs orange outlines of the NY logo instead of chrome. The NY logo on the pants looks too big and should be replaced with a smaller primary logo. But ll in all this is a nice uniform.

  • Jed

    These are actually nice alternate uniforms by the NYIs…they should go with this as the alternate from here on out.

  • Aaron

    I think Denver should host an outdoor game with the Avalanche someday. I wonder why they haven’t been considered as of yet ?

  • Dom

    I like it – take away the white shoulders and it cleans up the jersey so much. More teams should have a reference on their logos/jerseys referencing how many Stanley Cups the team won.

  • Rob S

    Overall. I don’t like them at all. Unnecessary ,designed just for jersey sales. They are better than the current alt though. I do like the socks!

  • Josh

    These r really nice, well done. Only thing i would change is continuing the white yoke on the back below the collar

  • Rob

    not bad, just get rid of the 3rd jerseys and replace it with this one

  • Danny Ip

    I like it, it’s about time for a change!!!