Pics: LA Lakers Debut Black Alternate Uniforms

Written By:  •  Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lakers Black Uniforms

The Los Angeles Lakers débuted their new alternate black uniforms last night during a road game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Some photos from the game last night to give you a look at these new uniforms in action:

LA Lakers Black Hollywood Nights

Lakers Hollywood Nights Black Uniform 1

Lakers Hollywood Nights Black Uniform 2

Lakers Hollywood Nights Black Uniform 3

Lakers Hollywood Nights Black Uniform 4

These “Hollywood Nights” uniforms (as the team is calling them) will be worn an additional 5 times during the 2013-14 season, once per month, the full schedule of games below:

November 27, 2013 at Brooklyn Nets
December 31, 2013 vs Milwaukee Bucks
January 31, 2014 vs Charlotte Bobcats
February 28, 2014 vs Sacramento Kings
March 21, 2014 vs Washington Wizards
April 11, 2014 vs Golden State Warriors

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  • 48erhater

    Black and Yellow. The Pittsburgh Lakers?

    • T.D.

      Black and Gold dumbass

  • Aaron

    For some reason, I have craving for a burnt grilled cheese sandwich with grape jelly.

  • Arts11

    Maybe it’s just those pics, but the black and purple combo doesn’t work. There’s not enough contrast; they blend together too much.

  • Michael


  • alex

    not enough purple, too much yellow

  • ingmar66

    Could be any other team with yellow in its team colours (Warriors, Pacers, even Miami). Like it is stated above, not enough contrast in the colours and all in all Lakers unworthy. Ditch it ASAP!

  • John Micah


  • Jack Waters

    Hit me. 😛

  • Toby Faber

    They should have used the “Los Angeles” script that they wore in early years for these unies. Weird stuff all around.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    The 90’s called, they want their black jerseys back

  • D. Mendez

    Another team wanting to copy the Spurs…. smh


  • me

    Not horrible but not an improvement on any of their other jerseys.