Senators, Canucks Unveil 2014 Heritage Classic Jerseys

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Ottawa Vancouver Heritage Classic Jerseys

The Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks officially unveiled their uniforms to be worn for the 2014 NHL Heritage Classic on March 1st at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver during a press event earlier today.

The Senators uniform is simply a “heritage white” version of the Sens’ alternate jersey they’ve been wearing since the 2011/12 season. Despite their statement that the game “pays tribute to the 1915 Stanley Cup Final”, these uniforms are more based off of the ones worn by the original Ottawa Senators NHL franchise during the 1930s.

Ottawa Senators 2014 Heritage Classic Uniform

The Vancouver Canucks will be wearing the maroon 1915 Vancouver Millionaires jerseys the team had previously worn back in March for a game against the Detroit Red Wings. The 2014 Heritage Classic logo added to the shoulder.

“It’s very nice, Vancouver has a great history of hockey, and it’s an honour to put it on. It’s a nice jersey” – Canucks’ Henrik Sedin

Vancouver Millionaires jersey from 2012/13. Same design for 2014 Heritage Classic

Vancouver Canucks “Millionaires” jersey from 2012/13. Same design for 2014 Heritage Classic

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 10.10.38

Senators Back of Jersey

The original Ottawa hockey teams had almost always wore alternating black, red, and white horizontal stripes. That tradition was (awesomely) continued with the birth of the Ottawa 67s OHL junior hockey team in the latter half of the 20th century.

1931 Ottawa Senators

The 1931 Ottawa Senators uniform, close to their 2014 Heritage Classic look

1915 Ottawa Senators

The 1915 Ottawa Senators, note the lack of “O” logo and inclusion of crossed Canadian and British flags on chest

The original Vancouver pro hockey team, the Millionaires won the 1915 Stanley Cup as members of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association:

The 1915 Vancouver Millionaires

The 1915 Vancouver Millionaires


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  • Aaron

    Very nice. Getting back to their hockey roots is the way to go especially with events like this. Ottawa’s heritage jersey along with their similar home alternate should become their full time uniform set. Their current jerseys are nice, but perhaps they should become their alternates. On the shield patch, put the roman gladiator on there somewhere in between Ottawa and Senators. As far as Vancouver goes, use this as their full time retro alternate.

  • Brian

    I think the new jerseys should become their new road jerseys and make their home jerseys the black ones. I was never a fan of their current jerseys, always thought the logo was a bit weird looking. The only thing I don’t like is the shoulder patches with the team name in them. I don’t know why almost every team that comes out with a new jersey has to have a shoulder patch on them.

    • Aaron

      The Buffalo Sabres current jerseys don’t have a shoulder patch on them and they’ve had them for only 2-3 years. The Oilers haven’t had one in a few years. The Hurricanes just got rid of theirs. And the Kings since changing back to black and silver don’t either. For certain teams, it’s always nice to have a secondary logo like the Leafs, Blackhawks, Avalanche, Predators especially if they want to show off their history or city pride. Nothing wrong with that. Although Calgary can definitey do without the flag patches and the Stars should either change their shoulder patch logo to the Texas shaped alternate or go without one. The Sharks should revert back to their fin logo as their shoulder logo. Duplicating the main logo as their shoulder patch logo, redundant. Talking to you Sharks, Stars. Also, put a patch on both shoulders or don’t bother. Talking to you Predators and Coyotes.

  • Peter

    Great set, but I’m of the opinion that event patches should be worn on the same spot for both teams (ala Stanley Cup).

  • Dan

    I preferred the mock jerseys (guesses) you came up with for this. Vancouver’s jerseys are green and blue. Work that in! Don’t leave the brand behind. They were technically never maroon and could’ve still incorporated that logo with their present colours. I just don’t like looking into a crowd of white and blue jerseys… and a few maroons peppered around here and there.

    • Bill

      Dan, you are a crybaby. If you don’t like the colors that fans at the game are wearing, stay home! Snivelers like you don’t deserve to even watch Hockey, butthurt baby!

  • Olivier

    Most beautiful uni matchup ever.

    And yes – Sens, please please please make the heritage jerseys your primaries.

    • Andre

      Olivier, I agree with you one million percent. Without a shadow of a doubt.

  • Bill A

    For the most part, the NHL gets this right. Where so many could have gone wrong I give kudos to the Canucks and Senators for nailing it this time. The uniforms are truly nostalgic and add definition to the “heritage” of the game event.

  • Andre

    Once this game is played, there are going to be MANY photos in the forum under “Best uniform matchups”.

    The Senators need to ditch the “Mark Messier” logo and current uniform to their heritage and current thirds full-time. Time to have a classic uniform that matches ups nicely against the Canadiens’ and the Leafs’ uniforms and the ‘O’ set is the perfect set.

    As for my Canucks, in all due respect to their classic royal blue and kelly green, they should have adopted the Millionaires’ colours from Day 1. The original skating Johnny Canuck with a similar V logo would have been a great touch. This would have set the Canucks apart completely from the rest of the league.

  • ingmar66

    Great sets for both teams. This should get them thinking of using these uniforms on a more regular basis. And set an example for other teams trying to get to grips with nostalgic uniforms: this is how it should be done.

  • ingmar66

    Spezza even looks like a 1915 hockey player. Perfect!