T-Wolves Unveil, Wear New Sleeved Black Uniforms

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Twolves Sleeved Uniforms

The Minnesota Timberwolves unveiled and then immediately wore their new sleeved alternate black uniforms last night at home against the Denver Nuggets. The uniforms are the ones we saw leaked (along with nine other sleeved jerseys) earlier this week.

The “Lights Out” uniforms are inspired by the “rich and sophisticated Minneapolis nightlife”; they will be worn 10 times throughout the 2013-14 season.

“We think our fans are going to really embrace these new uniforms. As we continue to build our brand, it’s very important that we keep giving our fans fresh new looks and opportunities for them to identify with us.” – Timberwolves Sr. VP of Marketing Ted Johnson

A series of M's and W's along the side panel of the uniform represents the team name

A series of M’s and W’s along the side panel of the uniform represents the team name

The uniform features a new design element on a T-Wolves uniform, a repeating set of “M”‘s and “W”‘s along the side panel to represent the team name (Minnesota Wolves?). They were designed by adidas and Timberwolves players were involved in the design process.

Minnesota has worn several different black uniforms as an alternate for the past 2 decades, this is their first sleeved jersey in team history.

Twolves Sleeved Lights Out Uniforms 1

Kevin Love shows what an NBA player wearing a t-shirt and long pants would look like

Twolves Sleeved Lights Out Uniforms 2

Another look at the side panel design

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  • El_Kaiju

    NBA and adidas, please stop…

  • Dom

    I really don’t mind sleeved jerseys, as long as they don’t all have a bland similar look.

    • John Micah

      I agree, this one is kind of weird but ok I guess.


    Go home NBA. You’re drunk.

  • Aaron

    Thge sides of the jerseys look cool and perhaps should be part of their uniforms scheme. But the sleeved jerseys, please stop.

  • Tridog

    Not a big fan of sleeved jerseys, but the Wolves one is better than most.

  • Andrew

    NO, NO, NO A MILLION TIMES NO! Bring back the normal black uniform that looks amazing, not this stupid crap!

  • Greg

    What in the blue heck is that down the sides of the uniform???

    This is just terrible. NBA, you have your cause for firing Adidas now!

  • Bailey R

    These are the first sleeved unis I’ve actually liked. If this is going to slowly become the norm in basketball, I think the best approach would be to have basketball uniforms evolve to look more like soccer kits.

  • wolfgangII

    NBA should just allowed players wear a T-shirt under their jersey. Oh, that’s right you can’t sell those T-shirts.

  • Jimmy

    Terrible! Such a feminine look. I hate Adidas, seeing the nasty stuff they with teams in college and the grossness they have infected the NBA with. I’m just glad my favorite sports (MLB & NFL) and college team (Michigan State) isn’t with Adidas.

  • Michael


  • ingmar66

    Atrocious. A slap in the face of every basketball fan. As for the inspiration by the rich and sophisticated nightlife, that must be some kind of cruel irony or sarcasm, right? This is not New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Frisco or even LA, this is Minneapolis! Everything is covered in seven feet of snow! There is your entertainment! Jump from an elevated sidewalk into the snow and make a snow angel. Sophisticated! As for the players-were-involved-in -the-design remark, it is obvious these players cannot read or write: MW? My guess is that not the players but some intern in the deepest mountains of darkest Bavaria got it wrong again. Leave our game alone, you trefoiled terrors of adidas!

  • Ben Peters

    gotta puke up my pumpkin pie now…

  • Jack Waters

    meh, weird.

  • Ricky Cobb

    Kevin Love looks like he’s wearing a 1920s bathing suit. Awful.

  • Ben Peters

    the MW’s look like a zebra print… they’re the Twolves not the Zebras… that’s what u get when the players get involved 🙂