What are the Aggies About to Drop on Us? (Updated!)

Written By:  •  Friday, November 29, 2013

Texas AM Adidas Carmo Graphic

The Texas A&M Aggies football team have been teasing everyone over the past week via their various social media channels about a potential bomb they’re about to drop on all of us tomorrow.

Using the tag “#carmouflage” the team has posted a series of Photoshopped graphics showing various items wrapped in a Zubaz-like, or dazzle camouflage pattern, apparently alluding to a special uniform for their game tomorrow against Missouri.

Texas AM Aggies Carmouflage

This looks like it could go terribly wrong… let’s hope it’s just some sort of elaborate trolling on the part of the Aggies but with the inclusion of the adidas logo in those graphics at the top of this post makes me think we’re getting a uniform wrapped in this stuff.

Here’s some of the photos the Texas A&M twitter account have been releasing this week:

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 11.58.57

Texas AM Carmo Teaser 2

Texas AM Carmo teaser


UPDATE (Nov 30/13 4:45pm ET):

Welp, it looks like this was much ado about, well, not much at all.

According to a Tweet from the Texas A&M Equipment Manager it looks like the team will wear their standard road whites for the game but they will indeed be incorporating the “carmouflage” pattern on their uniform… but only on their shoes:

Texas AM Carmouflage Tweet

And a close up of the shoes they appear to be wearing:

Texas AM Carmouflage Cleats

Phew. This could have been MUCH worse.


Update Again (Dec 1/13 11:20am ET):

Just a couple of photos to show how the carmouflage looked in the game, the Aggies wore it on their shoes as noted above as well some players wore it on their arm tape:

Aggies Arm Pad

Aggies Shoes

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  • If it was subtle (it won’t be,) I may be able to dig it, like the wolves side stripe on the (otherwise horrible) sleeved jerseys. But this is Adidas, so I will probably scoop out my with a melon baller, set fire to them, then bury them my backyard.

    There may be a small amount of Hyperbole in that last statement.


    Help me out here. How is adding an ‘r’ after the ‘Ca’ a combination of camouflage and Missouri/Mizzou/Tigers. What am I missing?

    • mgdmhl

      It has nothing to do with Missouri/Mizzou Tigers except they’re paying at Missouri. The new design/pattern is for Texas A&M Aggies.

  • WinMINTwins

    Oh no.

  • Reincarnation of Einstein

    Suddenly wanting to kill adidas in 3……2……1…….

  • Kosmomiles

    I just threw up my dinner from last night.

  • Nick


  • Greg

    If this Zubaz inspired design is in fact going to happen tomorrow, I will never again buy anything from Adidas!

  • Bill A

    The first thing I recall were the position-specific pants the WFL had the players wear. Also reminds me of the surface of Europa. What’s next? Picasso?

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    Nike and now Adidas? They are going to screw up every sport we know an love!

  • Matt

    Just when I think Adidas can’t do any worse…they go and do something like this. And TOTALLY make me hate them even more.

  • Lolo

    MY EYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big McLargehuge

    Oh lord, why? Why, Adidas, why?!

  • Joe

    A Zebra just exploded on their uniforms. lol This is baad

  • KGSG

    I am an aggies fan’s , i excited it something new but i rather see new helmet instead of jersey.

  • 54321

    So was this Kanye’s idea? Is this why he’s in bed with them now?! lols

    Anyways, the idea is doing its job- getting eyeballs, attention, intrigue, & news… ppl will now tune in to watch their game &/or highlights for this alone. $

    Post-Johnny A&M will be pretty boring, I guess they have to do this before crawling back from the national spotlight.

  • ingmar66

    The evil Bavarians seem to have bought Zubaz and now they are going to use it. I would be very worried if I was an Aggies fan. Very worried. Not being an Aggies fan I am already bothered by these pictures. This has got to stop. Where are JC van Damme, Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Stallone and good old Ahnold when you need them? Send them off to darkest Bavaria and make them stop this terror from the land of three stripes. By all means necessary!

  • BadOlive

    Lets take you back 10 years ago….A fashion design major who’s been picked on by guys on the football team sits in the cafeteria and stares at the players across from him.
    As the milk that was tossed at him slowly drips down from his face to his sketch pad, he grins deviantly and says…
    “I will get even someday…someday…..and they won’t even know what him ’em”.

  • Brandon

    I am in the “unpopular opinion” camp and don’t think they look that bad for one game. Like Chris said it could have been a lot worse.

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    What do you wanna bet its not over and it will get worse?

  • Jon

    UGLY. /Barnyard Dog

  • Brian

    This is one of the lamest things I have ever seen.

  • SouthstanderRSM

    Someone needs to stop Nike and Adidas. It’s like they are trying to one up themselves in the bad idea department.

  • Nathan English


  • ingmar66

    Ridiculous cleats. Does a player have the right to refuse to wear them?

  • yh

    I was six rows behind the Aggie bench. Aside from the forearm pads, it was unnoticeable.

  • TJ

    I was at the game sitting behind the Mozzou bench and did not even see the zebra pattern on the shoes or sleves of the A&M players….may as well have not been there….alot of talk and hype for what may as well have been nothing

    • MikeKS

      That’s why it’s called camouflage. 😉