New Logos for Appalachian State Mountaineers

Written By:  •  Monday, December 2, 2013

The Appalachian State Mountaineers announced they were officially adopting a new set of logos starting yesterday via a press release on their athletics website.

Gone is the radically-modern-by-comparison “Yosef Head” logo employed by the team since the 1999 season, in its place an older version of Yosef – used last season for a single game as part of a throwback promotion. This logo will now be known as “Victory Yosef”.

“The excitement that Victory Yosef has generated among our students, alumni and fans since we introduced it as a throwback logo last fall has been overwhelming. Due to its popularity, it only made sense to make Victory Yosef a permanent part of our branding. We hope that it endures as a recognizable mark of Appalachian athletics for years to come.” – Appalachian State director of athletics Charlie Cobb

The white block “A” logo becomes the new primary, Yosef is an alternate. An additional block A logo, this one in black, is a second alternate.

Are you a fan of the change from modern to traditional by the Mountaineers… is the new Yosef logo a little too old-school for your tastes or is this a change the team had to make? Share your thoughts in the comments or add your rating to the new Yosef logo on the site here.

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  • KDub

    Awful. Looks like a second grader did it.

    • Joe

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Very underwhelming.

    • Mike

      This is terrible I like the old one with his beard as mountains, this does look like a kid did it lol

  • Joe

    I feel like they went from a modern logo, to a logo that was designed on Microsoft Paint…?

  • Delayed Penalty

    A little too “MS Paint” for my taste.

  • Aaron

    I’m kind of mixed between the two logos. I kind of like both.

  • sportsherald

    I suspect this was originally drawn (crudely) by hand, possibly long before MS Paint or any other software was available.

  • jmack

    Looks even more like a character on the Simpsons

    • Aaron

      Like a combination of Homer Simpson and Abe Lincoln? Genius!

    • Aaron

      Oh yeah, I just realized something, Homer Simpson + Abe Lincoln = Groundskeeper Willie

  • ingmar66

    Nostalgia means cash flow. People long for something that they were never part of but is revered by old timers. Too bad, the abandoned logo was a real good one and one of the first in this style. I do like Old Yosef, but for specific retro occasions only. They should have stuck with what they had.

  • Danny

    I actually like this better. I would make Victory Yosef the primary, but I like this better. It’s good to see a school go against the grain of the ultra-modern logos and go way retro.

  • Tom R

    This is what they want to project to the world? I understand the desire to keep a vintage-looking logo, but redrawing it with even just a bit more style would have done wonders.

    • Aaron

      Kind of like how the Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins did. Although with the Dolphins, the only mistake they really made was eliminating the helmet from the logo. However, they look fine now.

  • Storm

    Good lord. What are they smoking in those mountains?

  • a3uge

    Seems like a big downgrade. The block “A” is generic and not recognizable and the new face logo looks poorly designed. Look at the hat… just ridiculous. The old logo was just fine. Sure, the block font logo with the face and mountains could have used some cleaning, but to scrap the whole idea of the mountain man and replace it with an “A” and a yellow face was a mistake.

    • hotrod2001

      We’ve had the block “A” as our primary logo for years. It’s been on our football helmets since the 80’s.

      The old school Yosef looks hand drawn because it probably WAS hand-drawn back in the 70’s when it first appeared (if not earlier). App dropped the ball on this in that they should have tweaked it just a bit to modernize it in a fashion similar to the way the San Jose Sharks and Arizona Cardinals slightly tweaked their logos.

  • This logo, like their football team this season, is awful.

  • This has to be some kind of joke…

  • LEWJ

    lol wow.

  • At first, I thought this was a joke. But after reading the article, and seeing that Yosef is their new alt with the Block A being the new Primary, I’m less bothered by it. Yeah, it’s a great throwback logo, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for my alt. Maybe it’s because it vaguely looks like someone just figured out how to use Illustrator’s Live Trace function, but that could just be the snob in me talking. If they cleaned up the edges/angles, I’d be a bit more ok with it for limited use.

  • Andy

    It’s successful when you consider what they were trying to do, but what they were trying to do was stupid.

  • Sean v

    HA HA HA December Fools!!!!!! Right? …no foolin…right?…come out and yell surprise…you got us…ha … ha …this isn’t funny anymore…YOU’RE REALLY STARTIN TO PISS ME OFF NOW!!!

  • Esox

    As a bearded white guy who smokes, am I allowed to be offended by this caricature?

    • Toofy

      Not sure bearded white smokers have ever been oppressed.

  • Jj

    I posted to /r/CFB

  • Toofy

    Surprised the NCAA OK’d the use of tobacco imagery here. It IS 2013 after all.

  • Bill A

    Sometimes, when these things happen, simpler isn’t always better. I liked the older mountaineer logo better.

  • Eric

    Introducing, The Appalachian State Fighting Amish!

  • Jeff Kelly

    It looks like a Redneck Popeye…

  • 54321

    Reminds me of Conan O’Brien dressed up in southern cosplay for a sketch.

  • Nathan8848

    The greatest logo in college football is gone. The new one is pathetic.

  • PricelessDude

    Looks like a demon deacon mellowed out a bit on weed