Potential Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series Jersey Details

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Blackhawks Chrome Logo

Looks like we may have our first set of details on the 2014 Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series uniform thanks to a report from SportsLogos.Net Forums user “Sodboy13”.

Here’s a condensed version of Sodboy13’s scoop from the official Chicago Blackhawks store, as originally posted on the Stadium Series Uniforms thread of our message boards:

– Still no known date for the unveiling or availability for purchase.

– Blackhawks’ Stadium Series jersey will supposedly be BLACK.

– Use Reebok’s Stadium Series template. Incomplete sleeve stripes, diagonal numbers, “chrome” crest, angled sides on the hem

– Team wanted a more traditional throwback – “1960s with a lace-up neck” – but league, Reebok pushed hard for the template

– Store doesn’t plan on stocking a large number, team has no intention of making the jersey an alternate going forward

– I’m thinking: old black 3rd, with “chrome” crest & the Stadium Series template quirks, more or less.

Please note that all of the above details are “alleged”.

A look back at the old black alternate uniform which Sodboy13 predicts the jersey will basically look like:

Blackhawks Third Jersey 2000s

With the Reebok Stadium Series “quirks” added in, of course.

Basically all we know for sure… the jersey will be dark (their opponents, the Pittsburgh Penguins, have already unveiled a white jersey for the game); and the jersey will incorporate their chromified logo previously unveiled.

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