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Charlotte Hornets New Logo 2014-15

Buzz City is back! Although the Charlotte Bobcats are still the Bobcats for now (and are still actually playing a game against the Jazz as this is posted), this will change very soon as the soon-to-be Charlotte Hornets unveiled their logos and wordmarks for the 2014-15 season and beyond.

Charlotte revealed their color scheme earlier this month which was extremely similar to the scheme that the original Charlotte Hornets had in their original run in the Queen City. This led us to speculate that the primary logo would be similar to the previous logo, and although Hugo does make a glorious return as a secondary logo, the primary logo is definitely a progressive move towards a new, aggressive look.



In addition to the new Hornet in the primary logo and Hugo serving as the secondary logo, there is a third Hornet that will serve as the teritary logo for the Hornets. All in all, three hornets were unveiled (which will probably lead us to refer to this unveiling as a “swarm” of logos.), including a very minimal-looking Hornet design that looks very similar to the Hornet that was in the very first Charlotte Hornets logo that the team came into the league with.



In fact, the Hornets have laid out the entire hierarchy of their new visual identity here on their official “Back Buzz City” website.


The Bobcats will officially become the Hornets after the last ball is bounced in the 2013-14 season, and judging by the reaction of the fans and alumni who helped bring the new logos to light tonight, that moment can’t come soon enough. It’s a look that is both modern and progressive, yet still manages to do what the fans of professional basketball in Charlotte have been clamoring for, and that was to “Bring Back the Buzz.” This new look will only serve to harbor more excitement in anticipation of the unveiling of the accompanying uniforms, which should come around Draft time.



What are your thoughts on the return of Buzz City to the NBA? Are you a fan of the swarm that has been unleashed upon the NBA? Or are you disappointed that they didn’t just bring Hugo back and leave it at that? Are you one of those people who believes that the Bobcats should have stayed around, even? As always (and especially now), we’d love to hear your thoughts on the visual return of the Charlotte Hornets to the NBA!

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