Brooklyn Nets Officially Unveil Dodger-Inspired Sleeved Alt Jerseys

Written By:  •  Thursday, January 23, 2014


The Brooklyn Nets have officially unveiled their “Brooklyn Blue Nights” sleeved alternate jerseys, & according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the jerseys will be worn for at least 5 home games through the latter part of the NBA season. The uniforms are gray with blue lettering and trim, and are an obvious nod to the last professional sports team to call Brooklyn home, the Brooklyn Dodgers.


These jerseys may look familiar to most of our regular readers, as these jerseys were among a slew of other sleeved jersey designs that were leaked a while back. The Minnesota Timberwolves alternate was the first to be officially unveiled, and now the Nets’ jersey has now followed suit. Our prediction of the uniforms having direct inspiration from the Brooklyn Dodgers was also confirmed as well, though that was, admittedly, not the toughest riddle to solve.


Now that you’ve seen these jerseys in physical form and on an actual player, what are your thoughts on them? Are you a fan or not? Will this be a hit for the Nets & whatever Dodgers fans there may be in Brooklyn or will it flop? Be sure to tell us your opinion!

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