Super Bowl XLIX Logo Spotted at Media Day in NYC

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Super Bowl XLIX Logo Unveiled

The logo for next year’s Super Bowl XLIX was spotted during the NFL Super Bowl Media Day event earlier this week on a pamphlet in a gift bag provided to attendees. Special thanks to SportsLogos.Net Forums member “sportsfan0518” for providing the pics.

The logos of Super Bowls XLV - XLIX

The logos of Super Bowls XLV – XLIX

Those of you expecting the “standardized Super Bowl logo system” introduced by the NFL and designed by Landor & Associates 4 years back… sorry. The logo follows the exact same stylization of the logos used for Super Bowls XLV -> Sunday’s XLVIII.

Super Bowl XLIX Logos

The logos of Super Bowl XLIX, unfortunately quality of the original image was quite poor. We’ll try to get a better version soon.

We got a look at both the stadium version and the standard version, the game will be played in Glendale, AZ and unlike Super Bowl XLVIII, which had the NYC skyline in the background, there is no additional elements added to the logo; it’s just University of Phoenix Stadium and that’s that.

The full ad in which the logo appeared below:

Arizona Super Bowl XLIX Ad

So… this has gotta be the end of the line for either this logo or the Roman numerals, right? I mean, there’s no way they’ll use this logo with a giant “L” and nothing more – it looks kinda silly:

Super Bowl L Logo Mockup

Super Bowl L Logo Mockup

Personally, I think we’ll either see a one-year-only special Super Bowl 50th anniversary logo which doesn’t follow this system, or some sort of gold version of the logo above with a “50” in place of the “L”

Who knows! We still have two years before that one, let’s just get through our fifth version of the XLV logo next year first.

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