Kings, Pacers, And Raptors Will Wear Throwbacks This Season, Plus More NBA News

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It’s been a pretty interesting day in the world of NBA uniform news, as friend of the site Conrad Burry has once again come through with a bushel of NBA news. We’ve got all sorts of news, from concrete evidence for the smallest details to throwback uniforms coming back into the spotlight for next season, and even a bit of “official” rumors coming down the pipe.

Firstly, the big news is that 3 teams will be guaranteed to wear throwbacks. The Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and Toronto Raptors will be wearing throwbacks. The Paces will be wearing the old Flo-Jo road uniforms from the ’90s, the Kings will once again be honoring their history in Rochester by wearing Rochester Royals throwbacks, and the Toronto Raptors will be wearing those polarizing uniforms from their infancy. I’m sure that one particular rapper from that area will be glad to see that the Raptors will be wearing those uniforms again.


Also, the design for the St. Patrick Day uniforms for both the Celtics and Bulls have been revealed. Both teams have decided to stick with the sleeves for a 2nd straight year. The players may not be the hugest fan of these sleeved uniforms, but this is more proof that they’re here to stay for the time being.


Meanwhile, a smaller bit news is that adidas and NBA have decided that if a team has won a title, then they get to wear a small strip of gold on their back collar. I would have suggested going the soccer route and utilizing stars, but the Lakers and Celtics would basically have a constellation on their uniform that would dwarf any other team’s collection of titles, so maybe the gold strip was the best way to go if they were going to do this.

NBA6Speaking of the Celtics again, the gold strip news coincided with the revelation that the Boston Celtics will be going back to wearing “BOSTON” across the chest of their road jerseys. According to the database over on the mothership of the website, this will be the first time since the 1971-72 season in which the Celtics will be wearing their city’s name on the primary road jerseys.


Lastly, we’ve hit the “rumor” part of the news, as a sheet obtained by Conrad Burry showed that we’ve got a few uniform unveilings on the horizon. As far as alternate unis are concerned, according to this sheet, the Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Pelicans, Washington Wizards, and Chicago Bulls all have new alternate uniforms on the way.

Then there’s the Pride part of this. Pride will probably be similar to the heritage jerseys that we saw teams like the Lakers (black Hollywood Nights jersey) and Pistons (navy Motor City jersey) wear, and the teams participating in this initiative will be the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Warriors, and Phoenix Suns.


All we know is that they’re on the way, no details are known about them, which means that speculation is going to run wild until they actually come out. If I can be allowed to be a homer for a second: The Hawks better utilize the new “Pac-Man” logo in some way.

That concludes the bushel of NBA uniform news. Once again, big thanks to Conrad Burry for sharing these images over on twitter. Now, what do you guys think? What are you guys most excited about? Anything you’re loathing to see? Let us know!

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