Sting Rays Hold Vote to Choose Military Jersey

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Sting Rays Military Jerseys 2014-15

The ECHL’s South Carolina Sting Rays, affiliate of the NHL’s Washington Capitals, are currently conducting a fan vote to choose their special “military appreciation” jersey to be worn for a game in the 2014-15 season.

The two options are both stars-and-stripes themed instead of camouflage (which is a nice step away from that recent fad) and both feature the Sting Rays primary logo front-and-centre.

Sting Rays jersey vote A

Option A is the more subtle of the two choices with a field of white stars on blue (like the U.S. flag) running up each side of the jersey, an additional white star is placed on each shoulder.


Sting Rays Jersey Vote B

Option B would be your “USA! USA!” selection, a waving American flag at the bottom with white stars on blue dominating each sleeve, a sublimated star pattern in the background of the greyish-white jersey body.

To cast your vote you simply reply to this tweet from the Sting Rays official Twitter account with your choice. “A” or “B”. You can also vote on their Facebook page by responding to the post about the voting with your selection.

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