KC Royals 2014 World Series Phantom Champs Merchandise

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What a finish to a fantastic baseball season, with a runner on third in a one-run game, bottom of the ninth during the seventh game of the World Series. You can’t beat that, and kudos to the San Francisco Giants on claiming their third title in the past five seasons.

Unfortunately the Kansas City Royals couldn’t quite pull off a feat most thought impossible for them just a few months ago… but if they had won the Series tonight we’d be seeing a flood of their championship merchandise hitting the virtual shelves instead of the Giants.

Here’s what that merchandise would have looked like — these are the actual product photos which would have been used if the Royals won, we like to call this “Phantom Merchandise”.

PLEASE NOTE: None of these items are for sale, we don’t sell anything and these items are not available anywhere. These are just images being displayed for the sake of curiosity and nothing more.

royals phantom tshirt 7 royals phantom tshirt 6 royals phantom tshirt 5 royals phantom tshirt 4 royals phantom t-shirt royals phantom tshirt 3 royals phantom tshirt 2 royals phantom cap
royals phantom banner 3 royals phantom banner 2 royals phantom sign 2 royals phantom frame 2 royals phantom sign royals phantom banner royals phantom frame royals phantom bib royals phantom ugly sweater royals phantom tshirt 8 royals phantom cap  2

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