L.A. Kings Bringing Back the Burger King?

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Los Angeles Kings Burger King Uniform 1995-96

The King is returning… maybe.

Unless we’re all about to be victims of an incredible prank, which I wouldn’t put past the Los Angeles Kings social media team (seriously, theirs is the best in pro sports), it appears the Kings might be bringing back their infamous “Burger King” logo from 1996.

I’m still skeptical.

The tweet was posted by @KingsVision the account responsible for all the LA Kings online videos and shows a closeup of the so-called “Burger King” logo labelled as them shooting the teaser video for their Stadium Series jersey. Here is the photo they posted late last night:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.28.10

Something jumps out at me right away — this appears to be an actual 1996 jersey, not just in design, but a jersey actually from 1996. I see no NHL shield in the collar, which all jerseys have had since the introduction of the Reebok “Edge” jersey in 2007.

It also doesn’t make a lot of sense for the team to basically show off the new jersey in a tweet stating they’re “setting up to shoot a teaser video”, it would negate the whole teaser process. Plus they seem like the type that loves trolling everyone.

I can come up with two possible outcomes here — either we’re getting a jersey with the “Burger King” logo used in some way, or it’ll be a completely unrelated jersey design with the teaser video showing a montage of past Kings jerseys.

The Kings wore the “cult” favourite jersey eight times during the 1995-96 season as part of the NHL’s introduction of the third jersey, once the 1996 season ended the uniform was locked away never again to be worn by the club. Their last appearance was in a 4-3 victory in Calgary on March 29, 1996.

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