New Thanksgiving Day Logo For Detroit Lions

Written By:  •  Monday, November 24, 2014

Detroit Lions Thanksgiving 2
With more and more NFL football being played on Thursday nights, football on Thursdays isn’t exactly a novelty anymore. However, there’s still one Thursday on the NFL calendar that will always have meaning: Thanksgiving. That holiday is still an extremely special occasion for the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, the latter of whom have come out with a new logo commemorating the team’s 75th Thanksgiving game.

Detroit Lions Thanksgiving

The logo in the center is actually an update of the team’s logo from the ’50s, and it definitely ties in very well with the traditional vibe that the logo itself is obviously trying to give off.

And for reference, here’s what the current Thanksgiving logo looks like. Now, full disclosure here: I honestly didn’t know that the Lions had a special logo for Thanksgiving until I visited the Lions page on this very website. I know, I know, shame on me.

I mean, looking at that, I’d say that they might want to adopt the 75th Game logo as the new Thanksgiving Game logo on a permanent basis. Yikes. But what do you guys think of the logo?

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