Sneak Peek at Super Bowl XLIX Field Design

Written By:  •  Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Field Design

We’ve gotten an early look at what the field design for Super Bowl XLIX will be courtesy *someone* on Twitter, honestly I have no idea the original source of this graphic. If you know, please share in the comments.

The design follows that of recent Super Bowls:

NFL shield at the 50
Super Bowl logo on the 25s
Conference logo/team wordmark/team logo in the end zones

The Patriots end zone is incorporating the team logo into the wordmark as is the case in their actual wordmark logo.

As you can see, last year in New Jersey the same template was applied:

Super Bowl XLVIII Field Design

It ain’t bad, but it ain’t the best… that honour goes back to the days when the Super Bowl logo was front-and-centre and the teams had their helmets painted onto the 25s, such was the case back for Super Bowl XXXVII:

Super Bowl XXXVII Field Design

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