Three Years Later Cubs Still Wearing Old NL Logo

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Chicago Cubs NL
It’s supposed to be National Jersey Day, right? Well, let’s get real picky about a jersey.

So, d’you remember when the Houston Astros jumped to the American League?

Yeah, I know, most of us are *still* trying to get used it (hey old guys, aren’t those Brewers/Astros Interleague games a real trip?). The Chicago Cubs apparently still haven’t accepted it… they really miss their old division rivals.

See, back in 2013 the Astros moved from the National League to the American League, because of that the number of clubs in the NL shrunk from 16 to 15. Unbeknownst to even the most hardcore of baseball fans this resulted in a change to both the AL and NL primary league logos; each team is represented by a star on the league logo, so in 2013 the AL logo added a star for Houston while the NL removed one.

The Cubs or Majestic Athletic didn’t get the memo (or they simply didn’t care) as for those past three seasons the team has been sporting the Astros-inclusive 16-star NL logo on their uniform sleeve as this pic from the Cubs game just last night shows:

Cubs Old NL Patch


A closer side-by-side showing the Cubs 2015 uniform styling guidelines next to that in-game TV screencap from last night:

Cubs Patch CompareYeah, it’s hard to see, but the easiest method to tell them apart is to look at the stars on the left and right side of the eagle head. The new 15-star logo (left) has them staggered, while the old 16-star logo (on jersey, right) has them lined up perfectly straight.

It’s worth pointing out again that the graphic on the left of that split-screen is from the Chicago Cubs’ official 2015 uniform stylesheet! So… someone somewhere (Cubs? MLB? Majestic?) is not following the specifications of these guides.

This isn’t the first time we’ve made this error public, we gave the Cubs and Majestic a heads up two years ago… Majestic (or their social media intern, at least) even acknowledged it in August 2013 and said they were looking into it. They’re still looking, I guess.


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