2015 World Series, Postseason Logos Confirmed

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2015 world series feat

Major League Baseball will be returning to a diamond-shape for its World Series and postseason logos this fall.

We had posted a story way back in April (“The good old days!”, as Padres fans call it), where we found what we thought were the logos in an online Umpire Media Guide. We are now finally able to confirm these logos to be legit and are happy to be able to share the rest of MLB’s postseason logos for 2015.

First up the World Series logos:

World Series primary

The primary mark brings back the diamond, which was missed by this baseball fan. It’s the first World Series logo to include a full diamond in the background since 2008 and only the second since the “great diamond-World Series era” ended at the end of the 20th century. From 1987-1999 every logo had a full ball diamond behind it.

World Series Logo History

Next we’ll look at the alternate marks…

WS alt trophy MLB

WS alt trophy

My guess is while the primary logo shown first will be used as the uniform, it’ll be one of these two alternate logos above that will be worn on the side of the cap, nothing more than an educated guess on my part but based on past years the cap patch is usually a simplified version of the primary with emphasis on the trophy. Those two fit the bill… or the side… cap puns.

So time for Photoshop Fun, let’s throw these patches on some teams!

Angels Dodgers


Mets Blue Jays


Yup, she looks good!

Another alternate mark:

World Series alt

And the wordmark:

WS wm


Moving on to the other rounds of the playoffs, as you’d expect they all follow the same theme as the World Series marks:

Postseason Primary

Likely this above is the patch you’ll see teams wearing on their jerseys, maybe caps, throughout the Wild Card, LDS, and LCS rounds of the 2015 postseason. Probably without the gradient, there is another version of these primary marks where the gradients in the lettering are replaced with plain white letters.



The LCS logos follow same template as World Series, love the inclusion of the pennants on the league logos which also change colour based on the league, blue for NL and red for AL.  The pennant theme carries on through the LDS round as well:



And finally the Wild Card marks which remove the pennants and actually include the full name of each league rather than their popular acronyms:



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