Texas A&M won’t be able to wear their “Light Up the Night” unis at night

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TAMU helmets
Back in the offseason, Texas A&M unveiled their all-black alternate uniforms. It was a pretty intimidating look for the Aggies, and the most interesting part of this look was the helmet, which had the potential to glow in the dark under the stadium lights. The Aggies had big plans for Halloween night, and the helmets were going to be the centerpiece of those plans.

TAMU Black 3

TAMU Black 1

Unfortunately, the helmets will have to make do with the natural light that comes from the sun, because they won’t be wearing these uniforms on Halloween night. The SEC announces their TV schedule a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, and, well, just take a look at the schedule below:

TAMU Helmets 2

Yep, 12:00 EST start. That means that Texas A&M will be wearing their “Light up the night” uniforms in broad daylight, which means that any cool effect that the helmets were going to give off will probably be lost, and the helmets will probably just look like black shells under the sun.

So, what’s the lesson here? Make sure that if you’re going to have a uniform gimmick that depends on artificial light that the game will actually take place at night. It’s a bummer for Texas A&M, but what can you do about it now?

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