LeBron James rips the sleeves off of his sleeved jersey

Written By:  •  Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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There have actually been plenty of rumors that LeBron James is not exactly a fan of sleeved jerseys. Well, now we know for a fact that arguably the world’s best basketball player is absolutely not a fan of sleeved jerseys, and he proved it by ripping the sleeves on his jersey.

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Boy, that sure is a ringing endorsement of one of the biggest trends in atrocious NBA uniform fashion! Seriously, when the most visible player in the league is out there ripping the sleeves off because it’s bothering him, then it’s time to make a change — The change being that sleeved jerseys have got to go. There are a few good designs, but that’s just it — there’s only a few!

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Now, will the NBA follow LeBron’s lead and cut the sleeves off, or are they going to keep on pushing this on the players and the fans? We’ll have to see, but for now, we know that LeBron is decidedly and firmly camped in the anti-sleeves camp, and we welcome him with open arms.

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