Braves, Cubs, and Royals to Wear Patches in 2016

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We learned yesterday what the patches that three Major League Baseball teams will wear in 2016 will look like. The Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves will commemorate stadiums, and the Kansas City Royals will sport a World Series champion patch.

CTEmhufUcAArx-PThe Atlanta Braves will commemorate their 20th and final season in Turner Field with the patch above, unveiled yesterday. After the season, the Braves are settling down, starting a family, buying a mini-van, and moving out to the suburbs to Cobb County for the 2017 season. Turner Field, which then-Braves owner Ted Turner named in honor of Ted Turner in 1997, was built for the 1996 summer olympics in Atlanta.

CTEs2ZQVEAArR-uWrigley Field was built in 1914 and played host to the Federal League’s Chi-Feds, who played two seasons there before the league folded. The Chicago Cubs moved into the ballpark in 1916, when it was still called Weeghman Park. (It wouldn’t go by the name Wrigley Field until 1926.) The 2016 Cubs will wear a patch bearing (get it?) their 1916 logo, the team announced yesterday.


Finally, we got our first glimpse of the World Series patch that the Kansas City Royals will wear in 2016, courtesy of the Emblem Source. The patch features the iconic World Series trophy and the Royals’ logo and colors, and those glorious, glorious words that baseball fans in Kansas City haven’t been able to use for three decades, “World Series Champions.”


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