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There have been a few high-profile soccer leaks as of late, but now we’ve got a leak that’s closer to home. MLS franchise DC United announced that they would be unveiling their new crest on December 10th, but the new logo has made it onto the internet a couple of days ahead of schedule.

DC United crest leak 1

This looks like the real deal, since it’s probably what you’ll see on their website once they have the official unveiling and are ready for you to buy their gear. With that being said, this is a pretty big upgrade (here’s the current/soon-to-be old logo in comparison) for the club that calls the U.S. Capital its home. MLS, Adidas, and various design firms have been doing a good job when it comes to logos for both newcomers and old mainstays, and this would be no different. I’d imagine that DC United supporters are going to be pretty happy with the new crest, and they’ll be even happier once they get to see the real deal in person.

So, I’m excited for the full unveiling of DC United’s updated identity. Are you all in agreement with me on this, or do you think that this is a downgrade for United? Let us know what you think!

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