Brewers Mix Modern with Retro, Unveil New Uniform

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brewers retro modern cap

The famous “ball-and-glove” logo will be worn more often by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2016 than in any other year since it was replaced in 1994. That alone is reason enough to be happy.

Today the Brewers unveiled their brand new alternate uniform, as the headline suggests it’s a mix of the modern with a splash of retro. We’ll explain…

The modern includes a navy blue base to both the jersey and the cap, and the “MILWAUKEE” wordmark across the chest of the jersey. All blue on this set, including the logo, is in the modern Brewers navy blue. The retro would be that swell “ball-and-glove” logo and the yellow. There is no gold on the jersey or cap.

Brewers New Alternate

brewers new uniform

Fans will be able to see the new uniform both at home and on the road, it will be worn “most Sundays” throughout the season. It replaces the road “Milwaukee” alternate blue jersey the team had been wearing since 2010 as well as the gold “Brewers” home alternate jersey in use for only the past three seasons. The Flashback Friday white pinstriped retro uniforms remain (presumably) with the original retro blue in tact.

The road alternate and gold jerseys were both killed off today

The road alternate and gold jerseys were both killed off today

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