Jazz, Kings, and Pistons may have new primary logos for 2016-17 season

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nba 2016-17 changes
Last offseason, the NBA treated us with so many major logo and uniform changes that it was kind of hard to keep up (even though we had a cheat sheet). With that being said, we might be in for another busy offseason and logo/uniform tweaks, as three teams may be making big changes for next season.

According to an image obtained by friend of the site Conrad Burry, the Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings, and Utah Jazz may have new primary logos and uniforms in store for us next season.

Note the TBD placeholders for those three teams

Note the TBD placeholders for those three teams

As you can see, there are three blank spaces for the Jazz, Kings, and Pistons, which means that something is probably in the works. Also, Burry got a hold of a couple of images that show that these three teams will have new uniforms as well, and a few other teams will be adding new alternates to their uniform rotation next season.

nba 2016-17 changes 4

Again, TBD placeholders mean that something's coming

Again, TBD placeholders mean that something’s coming

So, the Grizzlies, Heat, Magic, Nets, Raptors, Warriors, and Wizards look set to have new alternate uniforms next season, in addition to the three teams who could potentially be making wholesale changes. It looks like we’re going to have another busy summer on our hands, folks.

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