LA 2024 bid logo wants us to follow the sun

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The committee that’s vying to bring the Olympics to the City of Angels in 2024 unveiled a new logo yesterday, featuring LA’s heavenly namesake and the sunshine that the city is known for. The organization’s new website, emblazoned with the slogan, “LA 2024 is about what’s possible when you follow the sun,” describes the identity like this:

The sun is the perfect symbol for Los Angeles, and there is no stronger metaphor for what this city is all about: reinvention. The rising and setting sun is our inspiration, offering the promise of a tomorrow that can be whatever we want it to be. In this spirit, LA 2024 will reimagine the Olympic and Paralympic Games as the first energy-positive, solar-powered Games ever.

The bid was accompanied by this video from the committee:

If Los Angeles’s bid is successful, an official Olympic logo will replace this one, which is probably okay, since you don’t see too many Olympic logos with four-color gradient blends.

Paris_2024 rome2024-b

Other bids trying to lure the Olympics include Rome, Paris, and Budapest, two of whom have unveiled logos featuring iconic structures from their cities. The host city will be elected by the International Olympic Committee in Lima, Peru, in September 2017.

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