Photos: Pirates Bring Back Pillbox, Debut Retro Uniform

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Pirates Retro 1

Yesterday afternoon the Pittsburgh Pirates became the first Major League team in thirty years to wear a “pillbox”-style cap during a game. A pillbox cap is one with a flat crown, in the shape of a pill box, popular with early baseball teams in the 19th century.

The last team to wear this style cap? The 1986 Pittsburgh Pirates, who featured a young Barry Bonds in their lineup:

Barry Bonds, 1986

Barry Bonds, 1986

The Pirates first wore this style after several National League clubs took part in a centennial celebration in 1976, while most clubs wore ’em a handful of times and never again, the Pirates made them their full-time cap for the next 11 seasons including during a World Series championship in 1979. The uniforms the Pirates were wearing yesterday were replicas of that championship look.

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

Photos from yesterdays game showing the pillbox cap, retro uniform, and some high sock stripey goodness (even if the socks weren’t authentic replicas of ’79 they still looked great)

Their opponent, the Milwaukee Brewers, wore their new alternate uniforms as well which also feature a bit of a retro look. The old ball-in-glove logo with the modern 2000s team colour scheme:

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