New Details on Sacramento Kings Uniforms for 2016-17

Written By:  •  Wednesday, April 27, 2016


As I’m sure you’ve seen in the last couple of days, the Sacramento Kings new identity has been rolled out, and I’ve come across some official information regarding their new uniforms for the upcoming season. The team will be wearing four uniforms which will follow these colours and chest wordmarks:


I have also received some speculative information (from someone who has seen the uniforms briefly) about the design elements on the home and road uniforms. I used the source’s detailed descriptions to create these “guesstimations” of what the home and road uniforms might look like:


Finally, the Kings organization themselves gave us a sneak peak at the “stretch” uniform, and I possess official information from a 2016-17 Adidas catalog describing the  “stretch” uniform as including the exact same shorts design as the normal road uniform. With that in mind, here’s my estimated guess at what the full “stretch” uniform might look like:


What do you think of the direction of the new Sacramento Kings uniforms? Let us know in the comments below…


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