Pirates and Diamondbacks combine for an ugly uniform matchup

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Pirates Diamondbacks f
Folks, we’ve got a bit of a uniform crisis going on in Pittsburgh today. The Pirates are currently playing the Diamondbacks in some matinee baseball action. Day baseball is always fun, but that fun can be dampened a bit when the two teams involved aren’t exactly dressed to the nines. That appears to be the case as both the Diamondbacks and Pirates have made some unfortunate uniform choices today.

Pirates DIamondbacks 5

Pirates Diamondbacks 6

The Pirates are wearing their regular Thursday camo alternates, and the Diamondbacks decided to break out one of their many alternate uniforms — their black-and-brick red alternates. So, how does this look on the diamond?

Pirates Diamondbacks 2

Pirates DIamondbacks 4

Pirates Diamondbacks 3

Yikes! That’s not the best uniform matchup, and I’d have to say that it’s one of the worst matchups we’ve seen all season — if not the overall worst. Both teams could do a lot better (well, the Pirates can), and now the poor fans in Pittsburgh had to sit through this uniform matchup. At least at the time of this writing, the Pirates were on the way to a comfortable victory, so maybe they can take solace in that?

Pirates Diamondbacks 1

What do you all think of this, though? Have you seen an uglier uniform matchup in MLB so far this season, or does this take the cake?

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