Toronto Raptors 2016 Eastern “Phantom” Champs Gear

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16 TOR East Champs

I’ll admit, going into that series against Cleveland, I didn’t have a lot of hope for my Toronto Raptors, but there was a moment after that win in Game Four where I thought, “hey, they might actually win this thing!”.

About ten minutes into Game Five I was smacked back to reality.

But still it was a great run for the Raptors and continued a suspiciously decent run of Toronto sports fandom… I’ve been doing these phantom merchandise posts for years and it wasn’t until last October that I had to actually do one for a team I was a fan of. Seven months later, here’s number two. I meant, you can’t get a phantom post unless you’ve had some brief run of success.

Anyways, if the Toronto Raptors had done the impossible and eliminated a team with LeBron James on it prior to the Finals, this is what some of the merchandise celebrating their 2016 Eastern Conference Championship would have looked like… This are 100% the real stock photos various online shops would have used to sell these items if Toronto won.

We start, as always, with the official “Locker Room” combo — what the Raptors players would have worn on the court immediately following the victory:

16 TOR East Cap

16 TOR East Shirt


And now a collection of retail-only caps, t-shirts, pins, pennants, and miscellanea:

16 TOR East Cap 2

16 TOR East Shirt 2

16 TOR East Shirt 3


16 TOR East Beer

16 TOR East Flag
16 TOR East Coin
16 TOR East Glass 16 TOR East Pennant 16 TOR East Pin

16 TOR East Shirt 4 16 TOR East Shirt 5A shame they couldn’t do it, we’ll give ‘er another go next year.

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