What If? San Jose Sharks 2016 Stanley Cup Champs Merchandise

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San Jose Sharks 2016 Stanley Cup Champs

Sorry Sharks fans… but where’s the fun in winning it all your first time in the big dance? This just makes it a whole lot sweeter when you come back to win it next year, right? Ask the Kansas City Royals, or the Cleveland Cava… ask the Royals! The Pittsburgh Penguins went from questionable playoff berth to Stanley Cup Champions, their fourth in franchise history and second time winning it immediately before a logo/uniform change.

Had the Sharks devoured(?) the Penguins and won the Mug they’d be the first team in teal to win hockey’s highest prize, I gotta say, teal and shiny silver looks pretty good together, as you’ll see in the collection of images to follow. What we have here is the caps, shirts, pucks, pins, pennants, flags, and everything else that would have been made if the Sharks won the Cup — these are the actual images which would have been used to sell the merchandise.

So here’s the stuff they would’ve been sellin’ in Teal Town for years and years to come. Enjoy.

Locker Room / Player Celebration Collection

Sharks SC Locker Room Cap

San Jose Sharks 2016 Stanley Cup Champs locker room shirt

San Jose Sharks 2016 Stanley Cup Champs locker room shirt


Sharks SC Cap 3 Sharks SC Cap 2 Sharks SC Cap 1


Sharks SC sweatshirt 1

Sharks SC t-shirt 2

Sharks SC t-shirt 1

Sharks SC women's shirts

Women’s t-shirts

Miscellaneous things:

Sharks SC Frames Bobbles

Frames and bobbleheads

Sharks SC Misc 3

Socks, Sticks, Watches, and Coins

Sharks SC Signs

Signs, signs, everywhere a-signs

Sharks SC Beverages

Various Beverage holders

Sharks SC Misc 2

Towels, pins, and miniature Stanley Cup statues

Sharks SC Flags

Flags and pennants

Sharks SC Misc

Decals, Pins, Pucks, Patches, Bags, and Phone Cases

Sharks SC Car Decor

Automobile Accessories

Sharks SC Winter Misc

For the northern based Sharks fan

If you like this “phantom” championship stuff, check out our past collections where we recently celebrated the St Louis Blues winning the Western Conference, and the Carolina Panthers clinching the Super Bowl.

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