Cavaliers will wear sleeved black jerseys for Game 5 of NBA Finals

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Cavs alternate sleeved feature
You don’t normally see teams break out alternate uniforms for the NBA Finals — much less sleeved alternates. Normally, this is a time where NBA teams decide to just stick with their normal rotation of two home/away uniforms, and for the most part, the Cleveland Cavaliers have done that. Granted, they’ve worn their blue road alternates for this year’s playoffs, but they’ve stuck with just two uniforms. Now that they’re on the cusp of being beaten in the NBA Finals for a second consecutive season by the Golden State Warriors, the Cavs have decided to change things up by not just breaking out alternates, but the infamous black sleeved alternates.

The Cavs will be wearing these alternates for tonight's game

The Cavs will be wearing these alternates for tonight’s game

I say “infamous” because, in case you forgot, LeBron James caused a stir when they first wore these uniforms. The stir came from him deciding that the sleeves were hindering him, so he ripped them off on the court.

LeBron Sleeves 1

LeBron Sleeves 2

Obviously, the Cavs are hoping that a change of uniforms can result in a change of fortune. If they lose tonight, the Warriors will be crowned NBA Champions for the second season in a row. No matter what the result is, hopefully we won’t see any sleeves ripped off tonight.

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