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The day after we posted our story mentioning the Tucson AHL team had trademarked one name, “Tucson Roadrunners”, and nothing else, the company (IceArizona AHL) trademarked four more names. Those names are the Monsoon, Gila Monsters, Desert Dogs, and Howl. I don’t see Red Herrings in that list.

Four domain names have been publicly registered by the Arizona Coyotes tech team, one is tucsondesertdogs.com and then three all relating to the Roadrunners name: roadrunnersahl.com, tucson-roadrunners.com, and tucsonroadrunnersahl.com. These domains were all registered by the club just a few hours after we published our story.

Several other domains related to the trademarked names have been registered within the past three months but are mostly blocked by private registration protection, these are likely also registered by the club. The domain for Tucson Monsoon is already in use by a local sports club, while Gila Monsters is set up for, well I’m not entirely sure, but it’s some sort of sport (check it out, it’s… different, speakers on).

As for Twitter? The account @roadrunnersahl was set up in March 2016, no tweets, and the display user name is “#Roadrunners” (marketing!). I see nothing else available or being set aside for the other names trademarked.

The information behind Tucsonroadrunners.com is slightly interesting to me, registered to an address in Massachusetts (where the team is relocating from), it was created just two months ago and actually has a site design on it, but not about hockey, instead all about birds residing in Tucson, AZ. Seems like an odd site for someone from Massachusetts to run, and the timing is suspect, but I suppose it could all be one big coincidence.

So… TLDR? I’m still pretty confident this team will be called the Tucson Roadrunners, and that’s just fine. Either way we’ll find out tomorrow as the Coyotes are expected to make everything official at 12:45pm PT (3:45pm ET).

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