What We Know So Far About New 2016-17 NBA Alternate Uniforms

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Every season, the NBA (and Adidas) selects certain teams to add alternate uniforms to add to the respective teams’ brand, and next season is of course no different. I have obtained confirmation, via an official Adidas catalog, of the 7 teams next season that will receive the new designs*. (We have already seen the official release — full story HERE — of the Orlando Magic’s “Stars” alternate uniform)

As of right now, I have learned only the details of the uniform cut (sleeved or not sleeved) and the main design colour of each new alternate uniform. Without further ado, here is a run-down of each of the remaining new seven jerseys and the design details that we know thusfar.

1617alts-GSW-2 1617alts-MEM 1617alts-MIA


The Raptors and Warriors “stretch” alternate uniforms will retain all the design details of the away uniforms of the teams, but they will have an all-new wordmark design for each. The Raptors uniform is rumoured to be a uniform celebrating the Chinese New Year.


Like stated earlier, we only know the jersey cut and colour details so far, this just gives you a general idea of what to expect for the season ahead.

*Please note that the official Adidas catalog is almost always a correct indicator of content. However, on occasion, designs have been changed, added or deleted in future revisions of the document. This information was accurate at time of publication.


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