Oregon Ducks unveil even more new football uniforms

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oregon yellow f
There are a few certainties in this life: Death, taxes, and the Oregon Ducks wearing new uniforms every week. In what may end up being a weekly feature on this website, it’s time to check out what Oregon will be wearing for this week’s game!

Before we take a look at their newest uniforms, let’s take a quick look at what they wore last week:

oregon rad 1

oregon rad 2

oregon rad 3

oregon rad 4

Personally, my favorite part about these unis is the fact that they are literally wearing a blue collar. The “blue collar mentality” is an ideal that we hear sports teams espouse all of the time, but we rarely ever see teams actually take it literally. So naturally, the Oregon Ducks and Nike did just that with these particular uniforms.

While the Ducks went black-gray-black with their uniform combo for Week 1, their Week 2 combo will see an injection of color. They’ll be wearing all-yellow from the neck down, with a very interesting design on the shoulders.

oregon yellow 2

oregon yellow 3

oregon yellow 4

oregon yellow 1

They also include two different Duck logos on the helmet: The “Fighting Duck” is on one side, while the “Combat Duck” is on the other.

oregon yellow 5

Unless they pull a uniform surprise on us, they’ll probably be wearing these uniformss for their game against Virginia this weekend. After that, who knows what they’ll be wearing? They’re the Oregon Ducks, so the only thing for sure is that we’ll never see them wear the same thing twice in a row. So stay tuned, because we’ll probably have another uniform update for the Ducks by this time next week. Isn’t this the most wonderful time of the year?

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