New York Mets are selling Tim Tebow jerseys

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If you’re excited about the baseball version of Tebowmania, then now you’ve got the chance to get behind the movement with your money. Despite the fact that Tim Tebow is not a member of the MLB Players Union (since, you know, he’s not a Major League Baseball player), the Mets and Majestic have started selling Tim Tebow gear.

This is a screenshot from the Mets' online store. Yes, that's Tim Tebow's jersey listed as a top seller, already.

This is a screenshot from the Mets’ online store. Yes, that’s Tim Tebow’s jersey listed as a top seller, already.

So, how is this possible? As I mentioned above, you can’t buy major league jerseys with minor leaguers’ names on them since they aren’t members of the union. However, Tim Tebow is an exception because, according to Darren Rovell of ESPN, he’s signed a personal deal with Majestic and that means the Mets and Majestic can sell all the Tebow-related gear that they want now. According to The Sporting News, it’s already paying off big-time!

So, if you take a trip to the Mets’ online store, you can already buy a Tim Tebow Mets home jersey and team-colored jersey t-shirts as well. Also, if you can’t buy them online then hopefully you can find a golf cart that’s carrying Tebow jerseys.

Credit to Chris Stewart for this image

Credit to Chris Stewart for this image

While Tebow’s chances of making the majors will remain slim for the time being, one thing that won’t be slim is the amount of money that will be made off of Tebow’s jersey sales. It’s really hard to deny that this isn’t anything more than a cash grab for the Mets’ minor league teams, and moves like this seem to drive that point home. There’s nothing wrong with cashing in on a hot commodity, though, so more power to the Mets!

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